Mash Pack - By Garrett Thomas & Paul Harris

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    I just picked this one up for myself...

    This is a fantastic concept taken to the next level by Garrett Thomas included is a beautifully produced DVD. Two Decks both Paul Harris Box backed deck and the Garrett Thomas gaffed deck are included.

    Mash Pack by far is an excellent addition to any card lovers routine.

    The Mash Pack opener is well an incredible opener, and with a cleverly printed Gaffed Deck. Also, a really nice addition is Paul Harris Box backed deck, a unique color change routine, but instead with box backed deck, IT'S A STUNNER! In depth well produced DVD instruction on how to present, and use both decks. I think many card lovers will embrace this one.

    It's a price fixed product and at $40.00 dollars seems a bit high for two decks and a dvd, but it's packed with details. And worth the reactions you will all no doubt get... Use your favorite magic dealer or brick and mortar, and pick this one up.

    Jason |NMS

    Mash Pack DEMO
  2. I actually loved watching this... the concept looks amazing... Not sure if I'll end up picking it up... Brilliant though.
  3. I agree with AsherF...this is one of those things that I gawp at while watching, yet just doesn't fit me. Pure magic in my mind.
  4. Too bad they wont match the new Bicycle decks.


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