Masked Magician explains his reasons for exposure

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  1. Just curious, but wasn't he unmasked years ago? I remember seeing his face yeas before I knew what Bicycles were.
  2. Yes it was a long time ago.
    I agree with his motive but I see many flaws in his technique to reveal. It's kind of an opinion thing.
    ehh...doesn't matter to me anyways...I flourish....=P
    At least I know how criss angel floats above buildings now...haha
    I knew it was a crane...:rolleyes:
  3. It is all a plot to get more people interested in illusion and dmagic nowadays.

    I agree with him that revealing these illusions provides fun family entretainment value, but i beg to differ from when he says he wishes to rekindle magic.

    I'd much rather it stayed underground, so it has a more magical or mysterious aura to it.

    I agree that by revealing some age old illusions, it makes children feel like a part of the community. His idea that magicians should let go of old tired tricks and move forward is optimum. I support him on that.
  4. He has a point at the end. It is forcing magicians to come up with better tricks and get rid of some of the oldies. I am reminded of tricks, especially the ones using trick decks like invisible deck, svengali, and blizzard.

  5. Regardless of his reasoning , I strongly disagree with everything he has been doing. I think that under the guise of "furthering" magic , he has found a way to make a few bucks by exposing it.
  6. I agree with you in the sense that I feel magic should stay as mysterious as it is. I understand that people make a living off of magic and the money is nice but is that really the reason we do this? I don't think so, which is why I feel revealing magic isn't right... there are other ways to pull your audience in and let them be apart of what is happening without telling them secrets.

  7. The highlighted word is one of the big problems I have with this sort of bollocks.

    Magicians are being forced (?) to create new effects?


    In one respect, forcing anyone to do anything is a pretty poor way of accomplishing something. Also it begs the question, just how arrogant an individual has to be to think that they are allowed to force anyone to do anything?

    Secondly, pardon me if I'm wrong, but I didn't realise that magic had stagnated to such an extent that it took a guy who obviously spends more time on the surgeons table and the hairdresser than he does performing magic to revitalise it??

    I must be living in some alternate reality where magic was doing fine and new effects were being created all the time before Vim Vimto found himself unable to sleep at night.


    If you wanna' do something then you should do it, but you should also stand up and be counted, not dribble out excuse after excuse that hold less water than a colander.

    Effects of true genius that have stood the test of time.

    They shouldn't be discounted and cast aside for all the world to laugh at by an girdle-wearing, staple-faced loser who looks like he contributes to about 30% of the effects of global warming.

    It's not really the exposure that bugs me so much (even though I'm against that sort of thing as it smacks of childish pretentious behaviour to moi) but more the ridiculous reason behind it.

    If you're gonna' expose magic then just do it and say you're doing it because you think it's clever and you're gonna' make shed loads of cash out of it.

    If you're gonna' be an yourself an ass.

    Rabid....or ass, depending on how you look at it.
  8. bravo Rabid.
  9. You crack me up hahaha :D I completely agree with you though, I see nothing wrong with the old tricks. If they've lasted this long why do you have to toss them aside now? New effects are being created all the time, to the point where some of us are in a bind because we have so much we want to learn but not near enough time to invest in it all.
  10. I completely agree with Rabid.

    The tricks, although old, were still good. I think you make people believe less in magic when exposing it! Think of it this way. It cheapens your reactions because as more magic is revealed, people just start to think..."Oh, it's just another trick, they revealed it on that show. Who cares."

    I just wanted to point that out. Other than that, I completely agreed with everything Rabid said. Peace!

  11. I love what he said about the magic being in the performance and presentation. I have a lot more respect for him after that little speech.
  12. Have I gained respect for him a little after watching this? Yes. Do I still have no respect for him? Yes.

    Does he honestly think magic will be forgotten?.... Magic will NEVER been forgotten. Why? As long as people exist, there will always be those select few that want to do something truly fascinating that breaks the laws of reality. Magic is fascinating. Val thinking that magic could be forgotten is just untrue as it will never happen as long as we exist.

    I understand how he wants to get people excited about magic again... but don't we already have people excited about it? David Copperfield still performs. We get a Blaine special every once in a while. They aren't the only ones whom are that big. We also have... well... ourselves. WE get people excited when we do magic. When we make that card magically go to our pocket... we fill the spectator with wonder. THAT is how we get people excited about magic. By performing. Not by showing how its done.

    Does it matter if laymen know a few tricks? Who the heck cares? Your Uncle Bob can do one I'm sure. ;) (Mine can't haha.) However, revealing big illusions... That is wrong.

    Real magic in the performance? Absolutely. (I'm not gonna get into this though. That's for another essay.)

    Lastly, has he revealed any of HIS illusions? (That is an actual question, not a point. I don't watch these specials.) I ask this because he is darn good at revealing work that isn't is own apparently.

    I see where he is coming from, but there are other ways to get magic into people's lives than REVEALING it.


    Oh, and I still stand by what I have always said. This is why in my opinion he does it (or at least most of the reason):

  13. their isnt actually any point in revealing magic on tv, not even for money - you wanna make money with magic on tv? do some stage illusions in the street, show people "big" magic for free.

    I think *magic is dead* now at the moment and the "masked magician" isnt helping
  14. He wasn't good enough to make it big that way.
  15. Like sinful has said magic has never or ever will be forgotten.
    In fact it is better for magic to stay in low profile. It makes magic more meaningful,intriguing and entertaining,because it is seen as something not everyone can do.
    I performed magic today at school and i was doing angle zero and this girl starts asking me how i did it.of course you know my answer to that.Well she said "ill just watch the masked magician anyway,ill be able to do it too".And there were other things she said but it was the way she said. A complete lack of respect for it as an art.Alot more happened because there were other spectators involved but i wont write the whole thing.PM me if youd like to hear more.
    And also,like the masked magician says,that magic is for everybody. I have to disagree.Not everyone can be a magician.Its like saying everyone can play the guitar.yeah its true but not everyone will have the same passion for music or do it for the right reasons.
  16. "... The secret is a small part of it. The real magic is in the performance."

    ^ Strong stuff right there.

  17. First of all why do I feel like I am getting attacked?

    Second, I think forced may have been the wrong word to use. But I don't neccissarily take it back. I simply ment that it helps magicians think more outside of the box. If a layman has seen an effect exposed before, then they will not be as impressed by it as they might have been before. Thus, the magician will need to be creative and make the trick their own or different in some way, or just create a new trick all together.

    I agree. I have felt, and will allways feel that people like Val who do these things for money only hinder magic. I was only stating that at the end, he has a point. Does that justify it? Nope. Regardless, it is already done, so it was still interesting.

    I am not sure if this is addressed to me as well, but I am doing what I want. As well as saying what I feel like saying. No excuses, no attitude. In regards to that, Val, in a way, is doing what he wants also.

    You are right. They have stood the test of time. When I said I was reminded of these trick deck routines, I was really reminded of when I first got into magic. I thought they were the coolest tricks. But after buying a few of these decks and performing for people and seeing their reactions to them were mostly just "Oh, neat", or "Yeah, I have seen that one before", it got me thinking. Not to mention, that when I showed some Svengali deck tricks to a student once he came back the following day in class knowing how the trick was done on Youtube, and even had a stripped deck that he had bought from a local Joke Store.

    I want it to be something more. Something where the audience can't just go to a local store and buy it. Something that they can't go to Youtube and search for the trick and there it is exposed with full instructions. Is that so wrong to want? If it is, then this community is not what I thought it was. No way am I discrediting those who invented these tricks. However, they have been so commecialized that they become almost obsolete to the newer tricks that people have not seen before.

    The world wants to be decieved. If they know how the deception works though they will not grasp it like they would if they had came to the trick with a clear mind.

    I hope this clears this up.

    PM me if you want to talk more.
  18. I would have laughed if they photoshopped a picture of Criss Angel when he revealed himself. On the other hand I think that a lot of the stuff he said was true. I have gained much more respect for him through that speech.

    and "The magic is in us all of us" was definitely one of the cheesiest lines I have heard
  19. The masked magician claimed that magicians are letting go of their "old tired tricks".....yet, he exposed Melting Point the other night and that trick is only a couple of years old. That is hardly what I would call an "old tired trick". This guy is just trying to justify what he is doing which is clearly wrong. Is this still Valentino in the new series?

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