Masked Magician is Back!

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    I was watching masters of illusion and it went to commercial sayin the masked magician was back and it was ganna be right after maskers of illusion.
    whats up with that?

    how can he get a show after he failed to do the most simple card trick?
  2. I thought he was canceled because of Masters of Illusion. Kind of stupid for the network to put an exposure show on RIGHT after a Magic show.
  3. It is to magicians anyway. Maybe that's the idea, to retain the viewers of Masters of Illusion. "And while magic is fresh in your minds, here's how you do it!"
  4. Honestly.... Who cares?..... Whatever. It doesn't affect me at all.

  5. ....:eek:.....No comment.

    Anyway, I gotta agree with DGX here. The Masked Moron has yet to affect my magic at all. How does he affect you? Is he a jerk? Yup. Does the show deserve to be on the air? Nope. However, has he affected you at all? Think about it.

  6. He messed up a trick like sick aces on live tv.He said people enjoy magic more when they know how its done.He also said that he has his own stage show where he performs his own effects. I kinda find that hypocritical,unless he reveals even on his stage show.
  7. The Masked Magician epidsode that the network is showing is not new. It is the same one they showed last year around this time. I don't believe he has filmed anything new as of yet.
  8. He's been revealing his own effects for years before he was The Masked Magician. I recall him saying he did as a kid and it "brought people into the magic." Which is pretty much wrong and stupid. People are not going to recommend a show to their friends after you've exposed how you do everything. They are not going to hire you anymore. You may get people to come to your show because of your name. But after that one show, it's going to make damn near impossible for people to want to attend the show again or even mention it to their friends.
  9. Ya i saw that too. In my place, Masters of Illusion was on Mondays at 9. But it got pushed up to 8 o clock and now the Masked Magician show is at 9. Anyways, I dont really care and neither do most people. They'd rather see the trick than know how it's done.
  10. I highly doubt that they will be bringing back this show right after masters, paraphrasing what dan sperry said on Itricks podcast, masters is one of the top rated shows and has completely surpassed the masked magician. so once again I doubt they will bring back this show.
  11. Masked Magician coming back

    Sad... but true.

    We were just offered him as a guest for the podcast because he's doing press for the new season. I told the publicist that he wasn't welcome.

    Still... booooooooooooooo
  12. Yeah the guy is pretty much banned from the majority of magic circles. I mean he doesn't really hurt anybody else besides himself. But it's still funny to see that the guy has some form of an ego and thinks he's doing magicians a favor.
  13. Are there any new episodes of masters of illusion? Alll of them here are repeats...Also the first season of masked magician is not just got cut off half way through i think.
  14. Yes, there will be.

    They re-runned episodes 1-4 but from next week on they will go to episodes 5-13.

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