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    New from steve Fearson, it's the MASTER levitation system!!!!! BUM bum BUM bum. Earlier I said I would review it once I got it in the mail, and I got it 2 days after it was shipped, for the standard shipping price! :D anyway the system is not a reel, spooler or anything like that. It is a simple (i mean very simple) hookup that's slightly improved from the original fearson hookup.

    Comes with:

    Kevlar and Master thread (yes there's invisible thread involved, but not in the way you usually use it)

    Master wax (it looks like a honeycomb i don't use it very often just normal wax is ok)

    Fork gimmick, ice gimmick, and deck gimmick, (these are just extra things, not very special but I'm glad they included these. Don't worry you can float borrowed things too.)

    The DVD

    NOW, for the trick.

    Effectiveness: this blows people away, You can do the tricks of the Tarantula plus more. (i like it better than tarantula). you can do the spinning hovering ring, floating cig, pen, cheato, Gum!!! you can float pretty much any small object in a moments notice when this hookup is on you. Theres a few ways you can SET up the object, but i find putting wax on it the easiest. if you take your own gimmicked object to them, (like gum, cuz ur eating it at the end) you can tie on the thread before hand. so thats annoying sometimes when you mess up. but you wont worry about that when performing.

    Skill level: Pretty easy. If you've never used Invisible thread before, it may take some practice. but still simple. If you're a beginner, use Kevlar thread. Once you get the hang of it, you can start using Master thread. Theres a few moves he teaches you to make it look like perfection. You can make it rise to your head, and go down to the floor, and even go behind your back while floating.

    Improptubility: Like I said, borrowing the object is an option, but you can also just take your own object already set up if you're too scared. lol. jut have the hookup on you and you can do the trick at a moment's notice. perform sleaveless, even without a shirt. (or pants but thats weird). no clothing needed. Edited by moderator due to exposure

    cleanup: just take the wax off the object. or eat it if its gum or food. you basically eat the object without swallowing the thread. ive done it and its easy.

    Overall, ten out of ten. GET IT NOW. its 40 bucks, thats 30 less than tarantula!! and u get the same great effects. if you want to learn how to start levitating objects NOW, its for you. Its a bargain for the cheap price, too. If you have an ITR, you can get this hookup and use them together. i don't have one but still do it easily. so theres my review, should you get the Master Levitation system? Hecks yes!!!!!!!! :cool:
  2. One more thing, on youtube I will soon be posting videos of myself levitating things, so check em out!
  3. I've searched for a review on this for a very long time. Thank you so much!
  4. I will also be posting a thorough review very soon. Steve sent it to me and WOW, it is extremely impressive. The DVD is worth the kit price alone... jam-packed with almost 2 hours of information, no stone left unturned. Beautiful work.

    Link to purchase:
  5. Thanks guys. There are a few tricks (like Haunted deck stuff like that) that are not taught but can easily be done with the system. I have a vid on youtube of me doing the haunted deck. If you own the system and want to learn the haunted deck message me here or on youtube.
  6. MLS is very good DVD, I own his Floating Cig. And he takes that idea the explodes it as much as possible. Tons of info, tons of idea. This is a really god investment.

  7. I just wanna add that he also teaches: How to make thread dispensers, how to walk around with the hookup, how to make a homemade thread reel, and he teaches a MASTER hookup which allows you to walk away from the floating object. He also teaches an awesome floating ring over floating ring routine.

    Just in case some of you weren't sure on buying this, now you know for sure.
  8. Yeah Thanks for adding that MagicShadow9. And the greatest part of those are, thos are just extra things on the DVD!!! :D

    He DOES teach a lot I was expecting a thirty minute "Here's how it works now your on your own" type thing, but man, every time during the video i would start to wonder "Wait how do I make sure XYZ?" And then he'd explain it!
  9. My review coming VERY soon!
  10. where can I buy this trick though?
  11. I posted the link a little higher up on this page.
  12. Thanks for all the info on this, guys. I was on the fence on this one and I finally made up my mind and decided to go for it.

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