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  1. Hi guys,
    I hope you read the article posted by Rick Lax on the news section called Mastering ten tricks.
    I then created this thread for all magicians to share killer impromptu tricks that they know like the back of their hand.
    I have mastered the basis of coin magic, I have the metal trilogy and have read Bobo but I am looking for more tricks.

    I usually love to perform
    Coin through glass
    Coin through hand
    My own coin accross
    Copper Silver
    Copper escape (one copper coin keeps separating from three silver coins, with a twist ending, the three silver coins separate from the copper coin)
    A one coin routine incroporating the imagination palm

    I know, there is a lot of classical stuff...
    Waiting for your replies
  2. I always perform the card sandwhich one where you magically pull the card out of their hand, inflict by patrick kun, victoria by zach mueller including devils pool for the ladies :D, the vintage hold out by zach mueller, detach by rick lax, record by rick lax, and the be kind change. Those are tricks I can easily do with no problem on the spot. :D
  3. The two card monte thing Blaine does
    Key card
    A peek I that I think is credited to Marlo
    Card to wallet
    Transpo of two selections in spectators hand.
  4. Coins across
    Hanging Coins
    Soft Glass (a coins through glass)
    Gadabout Coins
    Copper Silver transposition
    Paper Balls in the Hat (or 'napkins in the mug,' as the case may be)
    Coins Through Table
    cups and balls with coffee mugs (or paper cups), balled up napkins, and creamers for final loads
    Impromptu Tossed Out Deck
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  6. Gotta try them i guess..they sure does look great and i think they can turn out to be pretty easy if i practice a lot.
  7. it looks like i have reached to some classic age where people are of quite traditional kind who have kept firm belief in magical skills .. but who is master into the same this is the big question

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