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  1. Dear magic friends,
    we are pleased to announce the 18th edition of the most innovative magic convention of the world!!!

    28, 29, 30, 31 MAY - TURIN, ITALY

    Four amazing days with:
    +20 Conference & workshop,
    +6 Gran gala show of magic,
    The biggest dealer area with more than 60 magic shop from all over the world,
    2 international magic contest,
    Party & after-night.

    Live all these emotions and more at the OGR, a location in the heart of Turin! It is very close to the main railway stations, the subway and hundreds of hotels!

    Here some names from the legendary cast:
    -Andy Nyman
    -Eric Jones
    -Nathan Kranzo
    -Anca & Lucca
    -Alberto Giorgi and Laura

    Many more artists will be announced soon!
    Never miss any update, follow us on our social networks, on official website and subscribe to our newsletter!

    This convention is one of the most innovative in the world! If you want to experience magic so closely, if you can take an holiday, if you'd like to visit a beautiful country like Italy, if you want to attend to an exclusive convention... Torino is your destination!!
    We waitin for you all!!

    convention-2020-front-eng.jpg convention-2020-back-eng.jpg
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