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  1. [video=youtube;d4VJHbCDhPg][/video]
  2. That was pretty sweet.
  3. Is that the Roth handling Chink a Chink Ammar's shadow coins or Dil's call shot?
  4. Thanks Qlancy
  5. This is Daniel Garcia Shade and i do some modify on handling,there are no graff and extra coin involve
  6. OK ! i have no idea what is running here as what the term matrix is stands for .. if there any to suggest me best, i would love to get it right
  7. This is not the best camera angle for this one. You flashed due to the camera not being where you'd ideally want a spectator to be.

    Temitopesmith - Matrix is a general term for when the coins vanish from one area and appear in another. It's called Matrix because they are laid out in a grid, or in mathematical terms - a matrix.
  8. What Christopher said.

    Now if you are looking for your first version Snappy by Aldo Colombini is an easy one. It even has a backfire.
  9. I enjoyed your performance! Only suggestion is to slow it down in between the phases. You have to let your spectators brain process each phase as they see it.

  10. Thanks man!

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