Matthew Mello's Modern Mentalism Volume 1

Aug 31, 2007
Matthew Mello is a fantastic creator. I remember purchasing his "Instinct" when it first came out and I've been using it ever since in front of a live audience. Papercrane recently released his Modern Mentalism set (2 disks/downloads).

The Ad:

Volume 1

:: Serial :: An on-the-spot serial number reading, requiring nothing more than a borrowed dollar from your spectator.

:: Coffee Melt :: Imagine if you could touch a straw and make it melt and bend at your command, being able to control everything from speed to how far it will continue to bend. Well, with Coffee Melt, you'll be able to do just that, and you'll be able to do it seconds after learning it!

:: Photographic :: If you could really memorize a long string of code in seconds, it would probably look something like this.

:: Lottery :: This is Matt's version of the add-a-number routine, using the lottery as it's theme. It uses no switch pads or gimmicks, and as a bonus, Matt also teaches a way to do this effect with absolutely nothing on you but a pen and paper.

:: Stop :: A demonstration of suggestion and influence during a simple game with cards.

:: Handy Prediction :: A spectator is asked to hold their hand up, and then drop any amount of fingers. A card the performer is holding predicts the spectators actions.

:: Any Card at Any Number :: Forget about complicated math and card counting and all of that, and get ready for one of the simplest solutions to the "Card At Any Number Plot". With only a deck of cards and a prediction, you'll be able to perform one of the easiest, most baffling effects imaginable on your spectators.

My thoughts

Volume 1

:: Serial :: This is worth the price alone in my eyes. I know a few serial divinations, but none that I would actually perform. This is one of the best impromptu effects that I know. The timing for the effect is great, and all you need is a borrowed bill.

I had a grin on my face watching the explanation.

:: Coffee Melt :: Great handling. Obviously we aren't doing real magic here. You will need small prep for this that take not even a minute. Anyone can do and it looks really really good. You can hand out the straw after, nothing to hide.

:: Photographic :: An updated version of "Graphic" from the mental playground. I could do the same effect with a memorized deck but if you don't know any. I thought this was a touch of genius using your natural surroundings to help you with an effect. My jaw dropped when he explained this. I really like this kind of "Rain man" effect. Clever pup.

:: Lottery :: The way he did this was fun, uses a mathematical approach. Fun, simple, clever, my cup of tea. Gets 3 people to participate in the effect.

:: Stop :: This was really fun and easy to do! Gives you outs if this doesn't work as planned. I plan on working with this to see how it plays.

:: Handy Prediction :: Based on a classic method. I think this needs more phases to make it be more worthwhile to perform. Clever though.

:: Any Card at Any Number :: A highlight from the first volume. A very very nice touch on a "Open Prediction" plot with a number the spectator names. Easy enough to pick up very quickly. The shuffling process and dealing process that you include the spectators in makes the effect seem very fair.Normal Deck. Easy. Fair. Not necessarily a ACAAN from my POV.
One that I will perform for sure!

Worth getting for sure, I got useful things out of this I can put in my set, Serial and ACAAN were the highlights for me on this volume. I plan on getting volume 2 sometime. Highly Recommended
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