Meeting Ira Glass


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May 28, 2008
I haven't posted on these forums in a long time, but I have a story I think some of you might appreciate.

This past weekend, Ira Glass of This American Life came to do a show in my city. I'm a writer, and through some work connections, I was able to meet him at a VIP event before the show started.

After introducing myself, I posed for a picture with him. He saw the faded monarch spade on the back of my phone case and asked if I was a magician. I told him I did card tricks, and he mentioned that he had gone to see Ricky Jay the week before.

He mentioned that he used to do card tricks, so I told him I was sure if he picked it back up, he would get the hang of it again. It's like riding a bike.

Anyway, he was really nice, and he's one of my heroes, so it was really cool to meet him. I thought it was very perceptive of him to notice my phone case and ask me that.
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