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  1. I have not been on this forum in awhile but wanted to let you know about reviews posted on a new ebook I wrote. The reviews can be found at A litte about inspired. It is very limited and it is priced to keep from the merely curious. It contains the secrets that I have used and have decided to release to a select few. Here are just a few of the effects in the book

    1) LOTTERY ACAAN--a completely hands off ACAAN---normal deck, 100%, no sleight of hand and happens in the spectators hands
    2) Zodiac Miracle---Peter Turner said this is genius and worth the price of the ebook. Know impossible information about your spectator with no pumping whatsoever or technology
    3) Inspired by Staniforth---This is what started the thread on the cafe. You are out with friends and have a stranger think of a card---you wrote a prediction before hand and it is the card. The prediction can be held by one of your friends. This will be a controversial effect but people will remember you for some time.
    4) PIN ATTACK--limited when you can use, but in the right circumstance you know the 4 digits that make up someones home alarm code with NO PUMPING. And no, you don't have to see them punch in the code....
    5) Turbo Prediction---have someone mentally select a number, a playing card, and a name. You predict all three

    There is much more (over a 100 pages). If you have questions or are interested--please email me at As I said, it is very limited and has already sold well. Thanks

  2. Hmmm, how can ebook be limited? :)
    Anyways I'm interested.
  3. Inspired


    The ebook is limited in the sense that I will only sell a certain amount of copies for a limited time period. The book contains some of my most guarded secrets and I did not want to sell it en masse so that everyone who is curious can take a look. A requirement for the book was that each and every effect would be something someone would want to perform---in other words no filler. I have been blown away by the reviews of this book. The most common thing said is that it contains thinking that is different. My favorites are Zodiac Miracle---a way to learn information about a spectator (with no pumping or technology), Inspired by Staniforth (a think of a card effect that some were saying is the holy grail---it definitely isn't but it has become a reputation maker with me when I am out with a group at dinner, and Lottery ACAAN (a hands off ACAAN that happens entirley in the hands of the spectator with a regular deck of cards). There is much more. I have officially stopped selling it---one day I plan on selling a few more and have ideas for a new book. Anyone who wants to get on an email list can contact me at Thanks

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  5. More info on Inspired

    In my above post I list 5 effects from Inspired. I have had many emails asking about other effects. So here are some more. Keep in mind these are my mentalism effects I have kept underground and am releasing now for a limited quantity and time. They do not use sleight of hand:

    Poor Man's Book Test--Perform a book test using books from a regular book store. No sleights. No forces. As real as it gets.

    Fate--a spectator selects a random number and deals the cards face up til that number. When they get to their number, the card has written on it "Fate". The performer need not touch the cards.

    You win a poker hand despite the spectator making all the decisons---and it is done after you sent the spectator the cards in the mail and you perform the effect over the phone!

    You are blindfoled (legitimately) and the spectator shuffles a deck of cards. After handing you the cards, you can deal yourself 4 aces, a royal straight flush, etc.

    And there is still more. Again, if interested please email me at This ebook is not cheap. However any of these effects could be sold indivdually so getting all 15 is a bargain. There is no filler material. Thanks

  6. With no sleight of hand?

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