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  1. Hi guys, I'm starting myself in mentalism recently. I purchased A piece of My Mind from Michael Murray. My friend gave me Pre-Thoughts by Banachek as a gift which sparks my interest in knowing that is there any good booklets that are related to mentalism? Thanks for the response, if any :)
  2. Booklets? Not super familiar with the smaller ones.

    For books -
    Fundamentals by Bob Cassidy
    13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda
    Practical Mental Magic by Annemann

    That's a year or so of study there.

    If you want to get really good - Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe, Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber, Absolute Magic by Derren Brown, Pure Effect by Derren Brown, and Alchemical Tools by Paul Brook.

    The thing to remember about mentalism is that it's not the same thing as magic. It requires a different theatrical approach, and also relies more on theatrical skills. With a magic trick you can just do the method and get reactions. With mentalism you have to have a good presentation, and you have to understand how to deliver that presentation.

    Not saying one or the other is better, just that they are different.
  3. I also recommend Phill Smith booklets :)

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