Mentalism books for beginners.

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  1. A couple of years ago, I was in London and saw a group of magicians who were travelling around and performing. Before this, I had never had much experience of magic, but I was captivated by what I saw.

    This inspired me to try my hand at magic. Originally, I tried flourishes, flicks and springs, and while I am told that I do a mean snap change, my springs are clunky, my flicks flutter to the ground and any flourishes I attempt result in me on the floor gathering my cards.

    After seeing my own ineptitude (which was not at all surprising, given my general lack of coordination), I decided I wanted to try mentalism, as it was more appealing and I am more mentally strong than physically. From reading other threads on the forum, I believe that the sort of thing I am interested in is sometimes called pure mentalism (as opposed to mental magic). Cold reading is also something I am interested in.

    I am aware that it takes years of study to achieve what you see from performers, and that YouTube isn't the place to learn, so I was wondering if anyone has any book recommendations for those new to the subject.
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  2. P.S. I wouldn't object to using props, but propless mentalism would probably be my main focus.
  3. William,

    My best to you. I would recommend Bob Cassidy’s “Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy, Volume 2”. The beginning section is a work that was published separately in ebook form called “Fundamentals”. That will get you started. Seek the wisdom found there and suitable material will present itself.

    Best regards!
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  4. I'll second Bob Cassidy. Fundamentals is also available to purchase separately as a pdf download from
  5. Youtube is absolutely the place to learn if you go about it the right way. While using it too find secrets is considered wrong, you can use it to educate yourself in the areas of psychology, sociology, public speaking, story telling, etc.
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  6. The BEST POST, COMMENT Ive ever read since Theory11 lunched !
  7. YouTube is an ocean of methods. Books give you rationale and a way of looking at the water. If you want to save yourself time, read foundational books and then find methods whever you like. People posting methods don’t always understand context, subtext and character. But videos can certainly aid in technique (assuming the videos capture solid work). Cassidy’s work is a small price to pay for the wealth of knowledge and for a map for your path. You are free to follow your own path though. Best regards!
  8. Here's my definitive answer:

    Read. Everything.
  10. wow .... a lot of comments and not a lot of answers. The title says MENTALISM BOOK FOR BEGINNERS

    1. Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Anneman - Dover publication that you can find cheap

    After than move on to

    2. Psychological Subtleties by Banacheck - all 3 volumes

    And then move on to

    3. The Artful Mentalism vol 1 and 2 - Bob Cassidy

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  11. I own a lot of mentalism books, but the best thing for a begginer in my opinion is Banachek's penguin live video.
    Other than that you can always read Psychological subtleties by Banachek and mentalism masterclass by peter turner.
    The late bob cassidy has a lot of interesting books on the subject as well.
    The most classic books (which I DO NOT recommend) are obviously 13 steps by corrinda and Annemann's mentalism.

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