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  1. Hi,
    I started mentalism a while ago and I am looling for a good mentalism book that will help me make my own routines. I pretty much just started so I don't know many good mentalism methods. I have a lot of ideas for routines but no methods.
    Anyone know a good mentalism book?
  2. In order of where to start.

    1.) Selfworking mental magic - Karl Fulves
    2.) Practical Mental Magic - Theodore Annemann
    3.) Prism - Max Maven
    *4.) Maven and Cassidy lectures.
    5.) 13 Steps + encyclopedia of mentalists and mentalism by Corinda

    *Very useful lectures and also give you ideas on the performance too. Some of these things will be dated. Adapt to them. Rick Lax’s Soul Paper routine for example can be found in one of those books nearly beat for beat but it was made more current as a live/dead test.

    People will say 13 steps is an essential but it’s almost more of a reference toolkit book for when you already understand stuff from other books.
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  3. @lmbrjack has a good list. I'd insert Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals between #2 and #3. You can get it as an eBook from
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  4. Thank you

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