Mentalism-Cold reading (Easy-Basics) From where i Should start?

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  1. So guys i i would like to learn some easy-basic mentalism and cold reading to see if its interesting for me if you can pls help with that maybe a good book i ve hear that 13 steps to mentalism is good one and also pls give me some tips from where i should start from because i have never done mentalism. Also in mentalism is smthing you lern and you are trying to achieve it and try to create your own effects or its smthing like magic that you lern an effect and you can do it? definetly in every effect you learn you should put your personality to make it even better! pls sb answer me !!And also Thank you very much for your support!
  2. In both, mentalism AND magic, you learn, or at least, SHOULD learn only the sleights or techniques in general. Effects should most probably be created by you once you are comfortable with a sleight. Now exceptions might be there, but we deal with them as they come.

    I don't wanna recommend ANYTHING I myself don't know about. So all I suggest you is to get Tricks Of The Mind by Derren Brown. He introduces you to the concepts and does not actually TEACH anything, but the book is REALLY useful and superbly interesting. You would not regret it EVEN if you feel you don't actually like cold-reading or mentalism.
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  3. i would like to learn some tricks first practise them and try them on my friends and i wanna see first of all as i said an effect i can do to see who learning an mentalism effect will be like and also who mentalism works is it easy difficult ? i wanna get an image to decide if it feets me or it doesnt!
  4. First, cold reading isn't what we call 'basic' in mentalism.Start with the basics.I would recommend Bob Cassidy's 'Fundamentals and Principia mentalia'.After you understand the basics, it would be easier to work you way up.Cold reading is hard to master easily and requires a strong persona to present well.The best resource for cold reading is Richard Webster.Read anything written by him.
  5. SO i have some questions what you can do using mind-reading and secondly what you can do using cold reading and whats their diffrences?Also can you suggest me a book from where i can find easy -basic tricks ?? i dont like so much theory i just want tricks!
  6. Simply, Mind reading is when you 'know' or 'reavel' someone's thoughts.Colld reading is about the person that is infront of you(when you 'reavel' things about them).The books I mentioned above 'Fundamentals and Principia mentalia' both have many effects you can perform and please don't refer the effects you perform as 'tricks'.In mentalism if you fail to present what you do as plausible, then there is no point in performing it.
  7. OK thanks you very much Man! Also should i start reading this book for example from the beginning can i only learn the effects? Also is there a better book that contains easy effects for a beginner?Beacause as i said i dont like theory i just want action so i would like to first learn some effects!!
  8. Also where can i find these books ?? do you have any pdf or smthing because i cant find them?
  9. The books I mentioned will teach you how to do effects and the effects themselves.
    I believe you can get them on
    You mentioned '13 steps to mentalism' , get that and annemann's 'practical mental magic' too.I got to warn you though, it's not going to be an easy read.
  10. Start with Fulves Self Working Mental Magic. It is a book with mentalism tricks you can do.
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  11. Should i read the whole books? or should i read specific chapters? for example you, when you read a book you read the chapters you are interested in? or you read the whole book?
  12. thanks man i will look for it
  13. You must read the whole book and re-read it again.These books contain the foundation of being a mentalist and mind reader.
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  14. Mentalism is mostly theory.
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