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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for the best impression device/any other mentalism gimmics.
    I found blackmail and parapad and from videos and reviews it looks like they are the best.
    Anyone have thoughts about:
    1. What gets the best reactions
    2. Which effect is the cleanest
  2. No device or gimmick gets any reactions. The presentation gets the reaction. These are utility gimmicks - They accomplish a task. Parapads allow you to see what someone has drawn. Blackmail allows you to get something onto a piece of paper inside an envelope. What you do with that is what creates the reactions.

    They both require certain subtleties to use well. I would say they are about equal in that regard.
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  3. True, but my question was which device or gimmick gives the best effects that are possible to do with it. Mayby the effects you can do with one gimmick are stronger than with other gimmicks.
  4. I would honestly say that at this point that you should wait on both.

    You seem to be thinking about it as if the gimmick is what provides the "strength" of the routine, as if the gimmick is going to do the work for you.

    This sort of routine 100% relies on the performer's ability to create a strong routine. If you think the gimmick itself is going to make something strong, then you're going to be disappointed.
  5. Again, the question was, which gimmick provides you the best chance to create (with my own presentation) the best trick.
  6. In other words, which trick gives you the best method for a routine.
  7. They both are solid methods. They do exactly what it says they will do.
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  8. It is like asking whether a pipe wrench or a hammer is a better tool to do repairs with.

    Do you want to fix a pipe or hammer a nail? Decide what your routine would be and then get the tools you need to perform it.
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  9. Something key here is that you still need a nail or a pipe.

    If you want “the best reaction” a combination of Svenpads/Lotto tickets, etc + Cipher will usually yield an impactful routine. Trying to get a strong routine from just an impression pad would require a lot of performing on your end as these gimmicks typically go as follows if you don’t have a follow up: “Oh you guessed my ____ wow freaky.” Vs a combination of tools like Cipher and Sven, an impression pad and marked Zenner cards, or whatever your mind wants to twist together. The combinations are where your spectator will usually feel like they’ve been mentally read up and down. However these are my opinions and I could be wrong. I just think you should go for a crescendo of beats rather than a one beat trick.
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