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  1. im kinda new to mentalism ive been doinf for like a year what are the best mentalism products and dvds out.
  2. Thirteen Steps to Mentalism by Corinda

    I'm not a mentalist myself, but a friend of mine who is just getting into mentalism owns the book and loves it.
  3. Well you will enjoy when praetoritevong visits this post, as he will give you the same advice and criticism as every single other post has been made about this. You don't even need the search function as it is in the last three pages many many times.

    If you are already doing it for a year then you should realize that asking about the best products and dvds is not the way to go. Get books, lots of books and that will explain that the most simple tools are quite often the best.
  4. ...he did say "the best products and DVDs out there"...

  5. Ok I'll bite.

    Osterlind has a big DVD set that is basically Corinda in Live Osterlind performances and teaching form. Also get the Book as well to go along with it. Then get Practical mental Effects/Magic and then get the Bob Cassidy e-book.

    There is also a few other things out there, but once you've got what I've said, it SHOULD keep you busy for a good while.
  6. DaveyG you do realize I said products and dvds, however he was most likely talking going for very specific products that don't hold much presentation background like Diceman or Killer Elite Pro.
  7. You have been doing mentalism for a year and have not found some solid suppliers and connections?
    I suggest you find some resources to educate yourself with new products and such since a lot of products come out from very little companies or the artists themselves.

    I would suggest looking at Corinda, The Jinx by Theodore Annemann(all the stuff you can get from Annemann is pure gold!), Max Maven, Kenton Knepper, Docc Hilford, Banachek.
    From the newer generation stuff by Dee Christopher( a member of these forums and a successful mentalist in England), Looch, Paul Brook.

    You have to source for stuff, since the best work lies in the smallest, most dead places of all. I usually find the best materials from guys i have never heard before and they release maybe 2 books in their life. Keep your eyes open ;).

  8. A short list of the best there is and ever has been...

    Fundamentals by Bob Cassidy
    Annemann's The Jinx and Practical Mental Magic (aka Practical Mental Effects)
    Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism (or Osterlind's DVD version of 13 Steps)

    For mentalism beginners, there's nothing better.

    For full time working professional mentalists... There's still nothing better.

    Keep in mind though that "best" product doesn't mean no work. Yes, these are the "best"... But you'll still have to do the work to make them entertaining. It's always the performer that makes a performance great.

    Also, see Sherlock's thread here:

    These are the sorts of things that make Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals essential reading - he teaches you how to be mentalist, not just mentalism tricks. I'm sure you've had someone do a bad party trick at one point in your life - that's proof that knowing a trick does not make you a magician. And so it is the case here, too.
  9. Well, I'm not a mentalist myself but I saw a new DVD over at called "Prevaricator" that looked pretty interesting.
  10. Well you really should tell us what you have and where you want to go. You say you have been into mentalism for a year or so, as purely a mentalist? of a magician who does a little mentalism?

    If it has to be a DVD save some money and get the Osterlind 13 Steps DVD set. If that is too pricey you can get mind mysteries volume one to get the idea of what a proper show should feel like.

    You defiantly should look into the book Fundamentals and other things on performance of mentalism as well as just a book on effects.

    An other one that does not get mentioned enough is Nothing by Max Maven it has a whole bunch of interviews about why mentalism works.
  11. I know, but books are products...whatever...neither one of us really cares.... thing I highly recommend is watching other good mentalists (Derren Brown, Max Maven etc.) perform. Mentalism probably requires the most amount of presentation compared to other genres of magic...

    ...and if you say that mentalism is not magic, well then, here's that phrase re-edited: thing I highly recommend is watching other good mentalists (Derren Brown, Max Maven etc.) perform. Mentalism requires more presentational skills than magic...

    ...if anybody wants to debate about that, then search for a thread about it, there are plenty.

    Good Evening
  12. I wouldn't recommend Max Maven till later, he talks about things that most Intermediate to experienced guys would know about. Which is why we said 13 steps or Annemann. Those are things that guys like Derren Brown, Bob Cassidy and all the others got started with.
  13. Go with prae and D ICE R.
    They are experienced, and that means good advice.
    I got Practical Mental Effects, and it's still keeping me very very busy. Just disecting these effects (there are HUNDREDS) and making them my own, making them fit my character/persona, is enough work to last.
    Half the fun is in personalizing and figuring out HOW mentalism effects work. The techniques taught are the simple parts.

    That's my recommendation.

  14. Before Osterlind's 13 Steps on DVD, my recommedation would have been
    Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries series.

    A great set of DVD's with good effects and theory.
  15. I would suggest go for Derren Brown's Pure Effect Book .... Great book dats all i can say about it ..... After that Look up for Banachek's books n if you can also go for The Manchurian Approach ..... Its an awesome DVD , giving u something that would change your magic n mentalism forever.
    Hope that helps

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