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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kmagic25, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. hey guys.
    i was wondering your response to this:
    Sometimes when i do a mentalism effect whether it be power ball 60 or just a card peak i get someone who asks "ok what am i thinking right now?" i dont really know how to respond to this. Your thoughts?
  2. I wouldn't respond. I'd ignore him, and continue with the effect. He'll eventually shut up (assuming you actually have some sort of a presence as a performer). This is something I remember first hearing on a DVD about magic for children. Although, I've yet to run into a heckler when performing mentalism, so it's not coming from experience, just passing it on from the DVD. :)
  3. My line
    " The mind is not simply just an open book to pick random thoughts from. It is a complex organ and layered as such...well.Some minds are."
    That usually keeps them quiet.
  4. I'd just through general statements at him and hope something hits. ie Cold reading FTW :p Joke no need to be mentalist natzi on me.

    Or get incredibly serious, like "oh man, you have a girl friend" Either yes or no, "You should never tell her that." and move on with the effect.
  5. Excellent!

    Or another thing you can use is: I´m not a ****ing mind reader!
    Unless you say that you are, which i don´t recommend.

  6. I hand them a slip of paper and a pen and ask them to wrtie it down. If they do with no questions, I peek it or whatever and reveal.

    Now, some of you may be wondering what to do if they question writing it down. I very simply tell them that I'm having them write it down because they obviously want to try and bust my balls. So, even if I got it right they could lie and blow the whole thing.

    If they are going to try and challenge me, they are going to follow my rules. If they don't wantt to, to hell with them. I just move on after that.
  7. My respone:"ummmmmmmmm........tacos?" I'm normally right.
  8. Nothing like the smell of Acidus in the morning.
  9. I was performing a few days ago at a mall in San Diego where I'm visiting. One of the Plazas. And I was doing magic to these guys from Brazil and there was this one older guy crazily yelling behind me..We have this stuff on film..THROW A CARD THROUGH THE WINDOW!!! HE LOOKS LIKE DAVID BLAINE...BUT HE GAINED SOME WEIGHT!!!

    Depends on your character

    I just looked at him and said nothing and moved on with Carbon Paper cause i didn't want attention of the guys to go elsewhere.

    If a person is really going up front with you

    Joke around

    Hell if I know.

    Pfft who can read minds?

    We are so not compatible.

    If he/she really gives you the feeling of challenging and being an a-hole. Just don't give them the attention and move on
  10. hehehe I love it

    There is actually a book on how to deal with hecklers,

    Love that book ^^
  11. dude that rocks. im doin this as soon as i get an a-hole at my school who does this.
  12. You better have a pretty foolproof peek though. Center tears are out of the option, and even justifying taking the paper back could take lots of thought.
  13. "You thoughts are very cloudy right now, so it's hard for me to read them."

    Doug Dynament has an effect where you take the whole "What am I thinking right now. LOL!" reaction some people might get and turning into a miracle. It's pretty much a mind reading thing were instead of revealing their thoughts, you reveal their star sign.

    But most people here need to think about this. Are they pulling that attitude because they don't really believe you can read minds or because you also do magic as well.

    If they really believed you could read their thoughts, they wouldn't pull that "What am I thinking now." bit. They'd either look at you and say "get out of my head!" or something along those lines.

    Or you could simply say something like "You should really keep those thoughts to yourself." as a joke (Who knows, they may be thinking of something gross).
  14. What I usually do is.... Jeez, I've never really had someone ask me "if you can do that, what am I thinking now?" Most of you have though, so maybe I should try some of the suggestions. Or, and my advice is to try/fail to come up with something really clever right on the spot, dependent upon the situation... On your own!

    My first reaction would probably be to say "you're obviously wondering how I did that last one..."

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