mentalism question and Daniel fernandez's card trick

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  1. i am currently trying to learn some methodology for drawing duplication for my mentalism routine. Whose drawing duplication have the strongest effect. i would prefer the kind of drawing duplication that spectator would draw his picture after i have drawn first.

    I would also want to know what is the gimmick used on the second trick daniel performed on this video :

    thx a lot
  2. Time stamp? I really don't want to have to try to watch that whole video.
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  3. its at 3:00
  4. You can learn some drawing duplications in Banacheks book Psychlogical subtleties 1
  5. But its just a short chapter un the book, I am sure there are better sources
  6. Check out "Edge of Reality" Book by Ray Noble. You can track a copy on eBay. He has an effect called "Back to Back." I'm almost certain that's the one Danny performs in his videos very often.
  7. Yes please! as all I have found are people giving advice on where to learn different methods of doing this effect but no one has actually said where to find this exact one. Oh, and seeing as you're going to be with him could you ask where he got the effect where he draws a picture, shows it so some of the spectators and then asks another spectator to draw the first thing that comes to mind when he says a word, like hope or something like that, and then he reveals that the pictures match. All the other drawing predictions I've ever seen have the spectator draw a pic and then AFTER them you draw yours.
  8. I’ll ask but no promises he will tell me lol
  9. It appears both methods are his originals and he has yet to publish them. Haha so for now you may need to find alternative solutions that are close to this haha OR see about trying to figure out a solution for yourself? Haha sorry bud!
  10. haha didn't really think he would tell but any ways thanks for asking!

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