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  1. Hallo people! How are you doing this mighty fine day! I've become more interested in mentalism lately and was wondering if any of you have good ideas for videos/books that are powerful for beginners! I've searched online quite awhile and most everything I find, for props and books, seems to be quite expensive which I cant afford(Are family barely escaped a bounced check yesterday). So if any of you know of some cheap good videos/books to start out with that would be extremely helpful! And yes, I know the 13 steps to mentalism is one I should get.
  2. Start with
    Selfworking mental magic by Karl Fulves and Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann
    Those will get you started. You should also get Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals.
    13 steps isn't really a good book to start with, get it after you have a basic understanding in mentalism
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