Merry Christmas and a FREE PDF


Havent been very active around here lately, but I want to pop in at 1:38am Christmas morning in Australia and say Merry Christmas to everyone on the theory11 forums. And continue a tradition I have done for the past years and give you all a free bit of my magic.

Here I offer you a copy of my Ideas Vol. 1, which has a collection of ideas on some magic tricks for everyday items. I think I wrote this in about 2010, had it for sale for a while and gained some very positive comments about it.

For those who want it, get it /all gone/.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Dec 20, 2012
Many thanks, I have had a (very rapid) glance over it and like what I see, I'll be re-reading it in depth shortly.
Aug 22, 2012

Nice stuff my man!.. Some illustrations might have been helpful at some points, drop me a message if you need an illustrator for future projects!

Have a fine Christmas and new year pal!

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