Merry Christmas Everyone + Free PDF


Its 1:49AM on the 25th. Which means its Christmas. For me at least. So Merry Christmas everyone, have a fun and safe holidays.

Continuing on my tradition. I present this years Christmas PDF from yours truly. This year I sort of forgot and got carried away working and studying to do a nice dedicated PDF. So what I did I searched my magic notes and found a small excerpt of a future volume of Ideas. On Multiple Outs in Mentalism. It's pretty rough to be kind.

So have a great Christmas everybody and party hard.

Download here.

Jan 8, 2010
Merry Christmas JDEN, and to everyone else here. I hope Santa fills your stockings with some T11 goodies.
Feb 7, 2011
It's only 6pm here brah, which means one more trip to the shed for sticks, followed by a bottle of jameson in front of the fire. It was a long day of using a hole punch and ribbon to make labels out of cards because i ran out.
Sep 16, 2011
Leeds, UK
Merry Christmas everyone......It's still 22:20 on Christmas Eve for me. The Kids are in bed and Santa is just enjoying his pie and Glass of wine at the moment. Hope everyone has a great Christmas, or what ever other holiday you are celebrating at this time of year, and here's wishing everyone the best for the New year!
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