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  1. Hey everyone!

    So for a few months now I have been looking into different types of gimmicked wallets. I want a wallet that can be used as an everyday wallet. I want it to be a hip-pocket wallet, and I want to be able to perform more tricks than just card to wallet with it. SOmeone told me about the Mesika Wallet. Do you guys know if it is good and worth the price? thanks in advanced!
  2. I'm not completely familiar with Mesika Wallet, but there is a new Hip Pocket wallet from Paul HArris that's been getting a lot of good reviews, I'm even thinking bout picking it up. Just thought to throw that in too, for another one to look into.
  3. Hello...
  4. Hi, I use mesika wallet almost 2 year, it is my birthday gift from my wife. It can be use as everyday wallet , the design let you can put a lot of cerdit card,member card etc.

    Mesika wallet only allow fold card inside wallet , but you can perform sign coin/bill inside wallet or audience ring inside your wallet.

    Most of the time , I use Mesika wallet to perform sign coin inside wallet effect.

    It is nice wallet for my opinion.
  5. which wallet looks more "normal" to spectators?
  6. You're looking for the JOL plus large wallet. $125.

    End all, be all of wallets. Plus, there is no "normal" in wallets. Either it's a wallet or they're idiots because it looks different. Anybody who knows what a wallet is knows they come in different sizes and shapes, although some are less common. A great excuse for this one is not having to fold your money, the pockets are big enough to keep it straight.
  7. The Mesika wallet is made out of very nice leather and can function as an everyday wallet. The one thing I don't like about it is that there is a snap to close the wallet. Also, its slightly bigger than my regular wallet, but that is just personal preference.

    You can do a non-folded card to wallet, but you would have to take the card out yourself (not very practical). The folded card to wallet is a great effect but you need to know the Mercury Card Fold or something similar.
  8. I second the wallet. Best investment I ever made. The CD-ROM it comes with is really good too and goes indepth more about the wallet both Large and Small Plus wallets. JOL wallets is one of the best wallets on the market. Great construction
  9. because i am a teenager i wouldnt want something as big as a JOL plus large wallet. wat about the small one?

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