Metal 2 and 3 by Eric Jones

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Chris W, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Did you guys check out the trailers for these two? I'm pumped. I got Metal last year and loved it. Great explanations, great material. After working with it for a year, I really want to get Metal 2. I'm sure it will awesome. Anyone else looking to purchase?

    As for Metal 3, I don't own any gaff coins, so I won't go for it for now. Might purchase some in the future though.
  2. Actually since i just got into coins i am getting all 3 dvds if you do, then u get 4 artifact coins for free
    and later i will buy gaffs! i am so excited!
  3. Well then! Metal is awesome. As I said, really good explanations and good routines to tie all the basics together. You'll enjoy it.
  4. Don't own Metal, but do have some other material by Eric Jones, and he' a first-rate teacher and performer... some of the effects in the trailer look familiar. I have the feeling some of this I may own already.
  5. Not sure what to expect from the routines, but I'd love someone to put up a review in the coming weeks. I have Metal and Mirage Et Trois. He coin flurry on the Metal 2 trailer appears to be that from Mirage Et Trois. But there will be plenty of material I don't know on it, so, again, hoping to get it soon.

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