Metal by Dee Christopher and Titanas - My Review

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  1. Metal by Dee Christopher and Titanas - My Review

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    Price: $16 after discount


    Note: This review is simply MY OPINION on the DVD.


    The DVD

    The DVD is decent quality, lasting about an hour in total. Each effect has a live performance, followed by an explanation outside, complete with car noise with a wooden backdrop. A HORRIFIC METAL MUSIC riff plays throughout the explanations, at about 70% of his voice volume and becomes annoying after 0.001 second into each segment. Why anyone would play a constant music track during explanations is beyond me, no less a repeated grinding guitar that's not even music - it's just aggravating.

    Quicksilver - 21 mins

    The highlight of the DVD, and a very good effect. Two spoons are shown and spectator picks his favorite. And then:

    Phase 1: The spoon twists, visually. Now I know you're saying CORKSCREW but what makes this different are the subtleties he's packed into it. The hand motion looks really funky, like the metal is moving around on the spoon. You can definitely see that something weird is going on. And then his twist LOOK visual. Watching the performance for the first time, if I hadn't been doing Liquid Metal for so long, I would have easily been convinced that the dude really just twisted it. You know a spectator HAS to be thinking it's a gimmicked fork after that.

    Phase 2: Standard in-the-face Gallerian Bend type of move. Very convincing.

    Phase 3: You borrow their finger, bending the spoon visually with it.

    Now you're probably saying: "Corkscrew, spec finger bend - Liquid Metal dude!". Well not really. The twisted fork is different than LM and requires more work to install, plus the finger motions and visual twisty portion make it stand out. Especially the multi-phase aspect of this (compared to Banachek's series and Gallerian Bend) is total win. Plus the bends here are easier if you have weaker hands, or even want to get some stronger spoons.

    Difficulty: 3/10. In-the-face aspect requires some mirror work, plus other practice time. Overall, you should be performance ready after like 50 spoons.
    Rating: 9/10. Solid spoon bender, worth the effort to get down.


    HDFCK - 10 mins

    Spectator inspects two normal spoons. You rub the one they select, and it heavily warps.

    One phase routine where you reveal a warped and bent up spoon. Not sure how to rate this since it's so short, and just seems like an afterthought ("hey let's give em a messed up spoon?"). Not as polished as Quicksilver obviously, but you can easily use sleeving or some magnets in the back pocket to swap out a regular spoon for this warped one.

    Difficulty: 1/10. Got a warped spoon? You're ready to go.
    Rating: 7/10. I can see some possibilities with this, but I'd rather show two normal spoons and THEN my warped one. Good for a quickie on the street, I guess.

    SYN - 10 mins

    After showing two normal coins, one bends inside the spectator's hand at the same time another visually bends in your hand.

    Before I even start, you go to your pocket twice. Which I'm NOT a huge fan of. If you can get over that (or already have a coin holdout), it's a cute routine. Originates from his previous PDF ebook "Pieces at 3AM":

    I do like the initial show of "2 normal coins", which does indeed look legit while held up at the spectator's eye level. And touching their hand while having the first coin bend is nice. This is better than the crappy shuttle pass version I use when I left the Quantum Bender 2.0 at home, so I'll probably switch over. Great for street magic, the hand bending piece alone would make some great memories.

    Difficulty: 2/10. Should have it down in no time.
    Rating: 8/10. If you don't have an existing pre-bent coin routine in place, this one is nice and visual. Plus a spectator in-the-hands bend is fairly potent.


    After placing different colored poker chips on your hand, you're able to determine who took which. Is this really a trick?

    Difficulty: 1/10.
    Rating: 1/10. Sorry, I hated it.



    If you don't already have a solid spoon bender in place, nor a pre-bent coin in-the-hands quickie, you'll really enjoy this DVD. Especially for the low price of $16. No it's not Liquid Metal. The teaching isn't as exhaustive, and you don't receive like 10 street performance, however the nice subtleties Dee introduces are excellent, and highly recommended.

    A great deal for anyone that wants to get warmed up on practical metal bending for very little cash.

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    I know NOTHING about spoonbending so this might sound like a stupid question but are these tricks ungimmicked?

    Also Great Review!
  3. They are ungimmicked.
  4. can the spoon be restored back?
  5. Primarily, the whole point in 'spoon bending' is what it says, to bend the spoon and create a magnificent illusion before your spectators. Can the spoon be restored, yes; but all that does is destroy the illusion you're trying to convey.

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