Metal by Eric Jones - Coin Magic DVD Review

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by amakar, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. I was just about to ask if anyone had a review of this. Thanks for it! I know a few sleights in coin magic (a few vanishes, a couple of routines, mainly 3 fry and 3fly) I'm assuming this would benefit me? Just curious to your opinion. Thanks.
  2. I got Metal and I think it is great. I have done a little with coins but after seeing the stuff Eric shows in this DVD, I want to do more. I like the fact that this is all about sleights and not on gimmicks. Don't get me wrong...I like the gimmick stuff too. I Love my shell!

    Nice review amakar.
  3. Metal is yet another outstanding DVD by Eric Jones. The material covers a wide range of coin work and several routines. I would highly recommend this DVD.
  4. I don't care how advanced you are in coin magic, Eric's Simplex 3Fly is perfect! I have been performing coin magic for a long time and this is one of the most simple and visual 3Fly routine I have ever used. I have switched this out with a more complex routine that has a lot of unnecessary moves, and this is much more effective from a performance standpoint.

    Of course, this is not the only thing on the dvd that I liked or thought was helpful. But rather my favorite thing on it. I don't care who you are, this is a good investment!

  5. Yes, I got some metal sometimes before. And its really very good. I done some experiments on it.. I want to do more. I like the fact that this is all about sleights and not on gimmicks. And do not get me wrong. I like the gimmick stuff too.
  6. I think Metal is an amazing introduction to Coin Magic. I love Eric Jones elegant and visual magic and I do like the focus on impromptu magic instead of gimmicks. It makes is so much easier to start performing.
  7. I just got metal yesterday and I have picked up a lot very quickly. He is a great instructor and all of the material seems useful. I am having problems with the classic palm though since i have really sweaty hands. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Don't have that problem, however coins with more milling would help. I remember some magician telling me that.
  9. Having watched Metal and In the beginning there were coins, I must say I prefer Noblezada's dvd over Jones'. Don't get me wrong, Metal is great, very well produced, and teaches many things. I just feel like the material could have been more balanced - less palms, more vanishes for example. The french drop is referred to but not explained, the take and put concepts are briefly talked about with no example with the palms shown earlier. Some will say this is a minor inconvenience, and they would be right. But compared to In the beginning ... where you can find small tricks like coin through hand to medium routines (coins through table) and full routines (one coin, three coins, a great coins across, a PK bend, a transposition), metal seems a bit on the short side about tricks, since the bluff vanish is ... Well, a vanish, not really a trick.

    Also, Jones is left-handed, which can be a bit of a problem sometimes, fortunately he reminds the viewer several times. Overall, Metal is good, but In the beginning there were coins gives more material to practice fewer sleights, and therefore master them more quickly.
  10. I ordered Metal from Eric but still have not received it even though it hit my bank account. =(
  11. Im thinking of buying this and some artifact coins from ellusionist. How many coins do you guys recommend I buy to do the routines in the dvd?


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