Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr.Texas, May 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I will be leaving May 30 - July 31 to Michigan for a summer vacation..

    I will be in Sterling Heights, Which is close to Detroit..

    I know that there are two magic shops for sure..

    ABC, which I have been to a few times in the past, and is really awesome, which is like 20-30 mins from where I'll be staying. Fore more info on ABC, check out.


    There is also a shop called Wunderground, which I have not been to yet, it's about an hour and a half away..


    I am also planning a weekend trip to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.. I already have a few people lined up that want to meet up there and session, film, and have fun..

    It will be SICK!

    Also, my grandparents recently converted their basement into a party-esque/chill room, with a nice poker table ( We plan to host a few games in June)..

    If anybody wants to mee up or whatever and session, hit me up.. I'm down for anything.

    PS, I might bring a bunch of extra decks with me to vendor off.

    See you up north guys!

  2. I should be able to. PM me.
  3. Awesome, Awesome..

    PMed. =D
  4. Michigan? How about a little NYC? ;)

  5. NYC FTW.. sorry, had to. (but seriously, ftw!)
  6. You're from NY?....
    Smacks face, oh yeah, in that Simon create painter thing you were in NY. Wow, you're next door to my state.
  7. Haha.. NYC sounds nice.. But I dunno if I will be in that area.. Depends.

    How about you come to Michigan Doug.. hehe.

    You need some sun . lol
  8. yea i will be there to zach
  9. Manchester, UK??? Oh-ok, then nevermind :(
  10. Haha, I wish..

  11. I'm actually in NJ. NYC is just a quick 1 hour bus ride away though. ;)

    Hey, you're the one traveling. Not me. ;) Now get down here.

  12. Don't you mean. Get 'up' here, Doug??

    Remember, I am still in Texas, Hence my username ( Which has been banned over 3 times)
  13. [​IMG]

    Please correct me if I'm wrong Zach, but is Michigan not to the left from NY? In a sense we are both wrong. I was saying you should come down here from Michigan. I guess I should had said come 'right' here. Of course, since you are in Michigan, YOUR right is is actually left on this map. So if I am facing the direction you will be, I think I should be saying go 'left' here.

    I believe I gave you a good run for your money Zach.


    By the way, dig your signature. Ah yes, the good ol' days before I ever talked to you.:rolleyes:

  14. Haha, yes Doug, good way to point things out and clear them up..

    And yeah.. THe good 'ol days.
  15. We finally get a little break from you down here huh? Have a good anyways and I thought I was the coolest person you ever knew. Traitor.
  16. hahahah.. You moved Shane :'(

    Come back to Houston lol..

    I'll probably see you at TAOM.
  17. I am actually leaving NYC on the 30th to head back to Michigan! Thats CRAZY!

    I honestly want to jam with some magicians when I get back to Michigan. I will be in the Kalamazoo area...

    Let me know...I have yet to find a NYC magician who wanted to sit and talk over coffee or jam or do anything...

    Doug...come into Manhattan and I will meet u at a coffee shop. I'm in queens, so it would be perfect.

  18. You should hit up Ricky Smith..

    He is always fun to hang around with.

    He works at the conjuring arts and research center now, I believe.

    As for Kalamazoo, I think that isn't too far from me =D
  19. I'm in northern Indiana so I could also! :D
  20. I will be a defenite show at the TAOMs this year. I should be attendence with most of the Blackline crew this year with lots of new material. Let's get jammin! Have a safe trip. OH where's my Wynns? lol

    Oh yeah..I'll probably be in Houston next week at H&R Magic I'll let you know.

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