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  1. Hi, I just wanna start in mindreading and stuff like this, deck memorizing routines and stuff like this...
    Not this normal spoon bending routines or so, I just wanna have this psychic stuff xD
    so does someone know some good beginner books?
    I said books, because you find more stuff in books than in dvd's or videos..
  2. I would suggest learning cold reading, it really helped me out.
    a good book for cold reading is"full facts book of cold reading by ian rowland"
    also Luke jermay has great stuff on that subject, and so does banacheck, check these guys out
  3. ok, thanks, but where can I ge this, I looked it up in google, but there were only this download-it-as-pdf-and-torrent-ffiles-sites..
    that sucked, I searched it on penguinmagic, but without occur...

    btw: what do you think about this:


    sounds sweet, too, does it?
  4. 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda (the book, not the new DVD series) This book has it all. I think I paid about $25.00 for my copy. A great introduction to all aspects of Mentalism and a great resource to have.
  5. Excuse my slightly idiotic question, but you do understand that the techniques of mind-reading are deceptions and artifice to give the illusion of psychic demonstrations, correct?
  6. i had mine orderd by a magic shop around here. I have heard ALOT of good studd bout kenton, but have yet to look into his work
  7. I would highly suggest getting Tagged by Richard Ferguson... yes it's a DVD but it isn't a "one trick pony." Tagged is a REALLY good DVD and I highly suggest it to anyone that wants to get into mind reading... it's totally worth it.
  8. I have one in mind, and I always make it a point to tell this in the forums,

  9. Ok, I'll give you some general advice and give my thoughts on some of the stuff given here already.

    Firstly, and most importantly, you must must must understand what mentalism is, before you can start performing it properly. So many people have no real idea beyond a vague image of what mind reading and similar things are - things like suggestion, NLP, etc.

    So with that in mind, here are some ideas.

    Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals. Teaches you about mentalism, as opposed to listing effects. It's the difference between a magician reading someone's mind and a true mind reader. If you want to seriously perform mind-reading effects, you have to understand what you're doing, as well as how to do it.

    For memorised deck work: It's a toss up between Tamariz's Mnemonica stack and Aronson's Aronson stack. Personally, I use and prefer Mnemonica stack (from his book Mnemonica). But either will work great. They're the two best out there.

    Someone above suggested Full Facts of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland. This is in my opinion the single best book on cold reading available. Don't bother starting anywhere else, you'd only be wasting time.

    Corinda - 13 Steps to Mentalism. Someone suggested this above, and it's a great suggestion. Has enough material to let you read minds for hours. Introduces you to all different aspects of mentalism.

    Some other thoughts on what's been mentioned already...

    Banachek - Sure, why not. His Psychological Subtleties series of books. Lots of work on psychological forces in particular. However you'll get more from this book as an intermediate performer rather than a beginner. Most of this stuff is designed to improve the knowledgeable, rather than educate the beginner.

    Diplopia - Fantastic routine, but I would suggest you save this for later. As I mentioned above, better to learn about the field rather than diving into tricks. Otherwise you'll just be a kid doing tricks, rather than reading minds.

    Tagged - Don't even bother. If you want to learn the real stuff, save your money.
  10. Prae, You ever seen any of Charles Gauci's work? He's retired from lecturing, but if you can find his stuff it is damn good.

  11. I know it has been said before but I will repeat it for you. Corinda's Thirteen Steps to Mentalism. It covers an entire range of effects, styles and presentations. This is perfect for the beginner and has some routines with memorized decks if that tickles your fancy.
    If you want to start mentalism properly, this is the best place.
    If you need a hand with any of the material in that book, the folks here are willing to give you a hand.
    A good companion to the 13 steps is Annemann's 'Practical Mental Magic' which gives another range of different effects from the same era.
    These books will give you the foundations of mentalism and a taste of what its all like.

  12. To be honest, not in a long time. Technically, yes... But not since way before I was actually into mentalism unfortunately. Actually, I may do some reading about that in the near future, now that you've brought him back to the front of my mind :)
  13. The Hangman is correct.
    I am also a huge Osterlind fan.
    I would also recommend not falling into the too perfect syndrome.

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