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  1. My review for MindPlay


    I have been highly awaiting MindPlay since I had first heard about it, though I had nothing more to go on than a couple of recommendations and some very vague information.
    This routine has been safely guarded and kept on the hush, with only some highly renowned performers being let in on it.
    It has recieved some glowing comments and recommendations from those in the know, such as from Joshua Jay, Peter Duffie, Joel Givens and Jon Racherbaumer.
    So is the praise well deserved?
    Well the wait is finally over and MindPlay has been released.

    MindPlay is a limited release of 250 signed copies

    Performer/creator- Christopher Williams

    Format- A4 Booklet

    Available- Direct from Christopher Williams, contact him on either chris@magicman13.co.uk or chudsblainejnr13@hotmail.com, or alternatively shoot him a PM

    The Booklet:

    I want to start by giving my opinion about the booklet itself.
    The booklet is A4 in size and is made up of spiral bound high quality paper, with some great cover work.
    There are balck and white + colour photos within, and everything is clear and well written.
    From what I understand, this has all come at a cost to Christopher Williams, and I must say that everything was worth it and he did a great job.

    The effct/routine:

    This is a Thought of card, poker themed routine with a magic/mentalism twist and a kicker ending.
    No knowledge of poker is needed on the part of the specs, and this can play to 4-5 participants.
    I can't go into specifics as that would be disrespectful to the creator as he would like this to stay between those who purchase it and himself, and I can understand why.
    It's always good to have a poker themed effect/routine at this time as it's something that has become very widespread and popular, meaning people can relate to it and be more involved. Not only that, but effects that happen in the mind of the participants are always strong, and so this has that going for it aswell, which also means even if those your performing for have absolutely no clue about poker, they will still be able to get totally involved in your performance and enjoy being apart of it.
    I can't really add anything to this, I know you still don't know the actual happenings in the effect, but you know that it consists of thought of cards and has a poker theme, which will hopefully let you know if this will be of interest to you and something you can use.

    The Teaching:

    Everything is very well written and explained and, along with the pictures, means that anybody can learn this. Everything is thoroughly covered and you are left with no questions.

    The Good:

    Involves multiple participants meaning more interactivity with them
    Basically self-working
    Appeal to fans of poker (which there is a lot)
    Appeal to those who like magic of the mind
    Nothing written down
    No fishing
    Can be performed walk around/table hopping, stage, on the streets, basically anywhere
    There's no way a spec will be able to backtrack this

    The Bad-

    There really is nothing I can find that's a negative with this, I really can't, it's just that good.
    Oh wait, there is one... those who don't get this while they can never will (this is a plus for me, but a bad thing for those who don't take the chance while they can)


    Well it's basically self-working meaning you can concentrate on the performance and really playing up the effect.
    Basically if you get this, you'll be able to perform this.


    Christopher Williams teaches his false injog shuffle
    Plus you get extra ideas and performance tips


    All truth be told I feel this is one of the greatest effects ever, I absolutely love it. The routining is exceptional and the effect has been honed to perfection.
    This is definitely made for the real world and will be something that you'll really use.
    If you want an incredibly clean, open for presentation, powerful real world routine then this is it.

    Final note:

    Please don't think I'm just hyping Christopher Williams effects, I don't know him personally and have never met him, I got this purely on trust from his previous releases and the help ive recieved from him with other effects, that and his posts here on the Café.
    I realise ive written great reviews for both Impervious (my opinion best CIB) and Thought of Cards Across Project (best handling of that plot taking into account it's totally impromptu etc), but I truly think they deserve the praise I was giving them, as does this. He is obviously a fantastic creator and is on a roll at the moment with all these great releases.
    I hope you take my review seriously as MindPlay is truly deserving of all that ive said.

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