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  1. Hey, I was thinking about purchasing Mirage by Alex Geiser, but then I showed my girlfriend the trailer, and she was like, the coin is in his other hand, he doesn't show both hands empty, he keeps his middle and ring finger curled...and I was like...wait a second..she's right! So...my question is, can you show both hands COMPLETELY empty...or was my girlfriend right? lol Because, if she's not right, I'm going to buy the effect, practice my butt off, and then prove her wrong! Thanks
  2. well im fairly sure it's still in the other hand, but, you don't have to do exactly what he does, you can do a hand wash technique instead of curling your fingers, there are multipul ways to show your hands "empty", alex just chose what fits his style the best :) hope that helped!

    but i think 19 dollars is too much for this trick, should of put in his velvet vanish aswell >_<
  3. My friend said the same thing. He even thought it was embarassing. It doesent look good and its to pricy.
  4. I think you need to give Alex a little more credit. This an amazing vanish and if you bought it, he does give a few ways to make the coin re-appear...and these reappearances are amazing, which all of them i haven't seen before. As Alex says on the dvd, Mirage is more of a formula than just another coin vanish...it can be applied to many other things, a few he gives are pen caps, chewing gum and keys.

    As far as the issue comes with, "oh it must be in the other hand". Ill spare you the whole talk about how as long as your misdirection is strong, the audience won't suspect it and that with every coin vanish...its like a "which hand is the coin in game". We've all heard this but i can't say i agree or disagree with it. just something i want to throw out there.

    In my opinion. Totally worth the money. The extra vanish he teaches at the end is killer too!

    - Mark
  5. i don't really care if the coin is in the other hand as i'm going to produce it anyway or use something like TKO to clean up and show both hands completely empty . I care about the vanishing part , thats all .
  6. I didn't buy mirage, and I wont, because after watching the trailer once I saw exactly how it was done. It's quite obvious to me, however it did inspire me to create a 'new' move. (I don't actually know if the move is new or not, but I created it independently weather or not it has been created before). Anyway, the vanishing part does look kind of cool because your hands never touch and it looks like you never move your fingers, however the problem is the way he holds his hands at the end. It just looks unnatural to me. My 'new' move allows me to show both hands empty at the same time front and back with fingers spread apart, and then produce the coin from one hand. As far as mirage goes, the basic idea is there, and it looks kind of nice, but it is WAY overpriced imo, and the way he holds his hands at the end is totally fishy to me (and most spectators).
  7. Maybe you should submit your trick to the wire! Who knows, maybe no one has invented the move before, I would love to see Mirage, with you actually being able to display both hands empty...isn't that the whole concept of a vanish in the first place? To show the coin disappear completely! It's called Mirage, because they want you to think it's a vanish...and by "They" I mean the man! and by "The Man", I mean society, and by "Society" I mean puppies, and by "Puppies" I mean they are cute and furry and cuddly, and by "Cute and Furry and Cuddly" I mean...what were we talking about again? :D
  8. Thats a great idea, suggest to him to submit an idea that he just came up with, I hope thats not the type of magic that comes off the wire.
    Im sitting here reading all these comments about Mirage, I have known Alex for a few years, and I can tell you Alex has been working and perfecting this move for years. If you put your mind to it this move can accomplish many great tricks. Do you think if you really make this coin vanish look magical to a spectator that they are going to think it is in the other hand. NO. If you perform this vanish and truly make a "magical moment" then the spectators thoughts of any method are completely gone, cause now its not a trick it is MAGIC. Think about that. This vanish is like The Raven with no Raven. I hope you reconsider this, as I know Alex has put literally COUNTLESS hours into this vanish.

    Thank you
    - Donald
  9. Alchemy by Ben Seidman looks muuuuuuch cleaner and is cheaper. Just sayin.

  10. It's also a lot less practical and more angle sensitive on top of having clothing requirements. But hey it appears on these forums that if it looks good in the mirror you should sell it as the next big thing.

    Mirage is elegant and the fact that you're left holding out is just something that makes it a sleight of hand coin vanish. If it matters that much to everyone on this forum then don't buy it. My 0.02 cents.
  11. I'm not trying to put down Alex's work, I have his Velvet Vanish, which I actually think is quite practical, and doesn't make it look like you are holding out at all, because to the spectator, you just rubbed the coin away and it disappeared. All I was saying though, is that if my girlfriend can spot the move in the trailer, and she knows absolutely nothing about sleight of hand, then how would I fool her and other people (seeing as how I am not as smooth as Alex at this point in my magical career) with this same move? If he were to show a way in the actual teachings on how to show both hands completely empty, then I would actually buy his effect.

    If you are reading this Alex, I loved the Velvet Vanish, Intensity just looks sick! but, this one effect, unless I can show my hands completely empty, then it just isn't for me at this time. If that is not the case, and I can show both hands completely empty, then consider this effect sold, but unless I can confirm that with someone who has purchased it already, then I just can not see this as a wise purchase for me right now. So Donald, don't think I'm trying to insult Alex Geiser at all, I respect him very much. I am just a consumer with an opinion, and expressing this opinion, in a non-argumentative fashion, which I believe is how everyone on a public forum should be, calm, well mannered, but still being able to get your point across.
  12. So heres a challenge for you. Buy the Mirage, practice it get as smooth as Alex. Then when your there come up with your own way to show both hands empty, if its by doing a hand washing action, sleeving the coin, or ditching the coin in your upper shirt pocket, etc. I promise you that your probably not going to find a better looking sleight of hand coin vanish.
  13. I do have a few things that I am thinking about selling on the wire... but they are effects that I have kept to myself for years and have perfected, and have done enough research to know that they are completely original. However, the move that I came up with to go along with mirage is probably not original, and it's not nearly good enough nor am I good enough at it for me to be teaching it to someone else. On top of that it's totally untested in an audience situation AND I would have to teach mirage in order to teach this move as it goes along with mirage. But I will describe what it looks like, and if you figure it out, feel free to use it. Basically I do mirage, and I keep my hands in the same position while I lift them up to eye level so that you can see in between them, and I spread my fingers out (if you've ever watch dragon ball z, my hands are in a kamaha maha sort of position at eye level). then I lower my hands and do like a reverse mirage and the coin is back. All in all it looks great, and mirage is pretty cool, but I wouldn't dare do mirage without a second move of some sort.
  14. Yo guys

    Just wanted to pop in here to say a couple of things about Mirage and Alex Geiser. First off, its very rare to find a magician like Alex...but enough about me..HA! Get it?!? Ok that was stupid...Like I was saying, everything about Geiser is admirable especially the magic he comes up with. I remember him showing mirage, along with a couple of other things 3 years ago at Magic Live to people, and ever since then it was the talk of the town. The word spread to NYC and everyone was talking about his coin work.

    As for the Mirage technique...I wanted to clear up a few things. What you see in the trailer is nowhere close to what you will get on the DVD. I watched the whole thing the other day...it was an hour long! Alex goes over the vanish, plus 2 reappearances of the coin which shows both hands empty in the meantime. ALSO, you get the Lynel vanish which is amazing. Don't know how they left that out of the trailer! Most of all, you get the psychology behind these techniques, which I think makes the whole DVD. After listening to what Alex has to say, you won't have any worries about anything.

    So for those of you who are worried about not getting enough for your money, believe me, i think your getting more. And as most of you are aware of, I have nothing to gain if you buy Mirage. Just want to make sure serious students consider it. Its really powerful.

  15. You have now actually convinced me to buy Mirage...and I actually laughed out loud at your joke. I didn't know that in the video that they showed a way to show both hands empty, that's what I was waiting for someone to pop in and describe, also, if someone could describe the Lynel Vanish, without telling how it is actually done of course, I would really appreciate it. I'm a big fan of both Alex's and it's cool to see Mr. Pandrea responding to the thread. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it, and also I'm really looking forward to the Green Crowns on Friday! I even came up with a song for it in another thread which can be found here My song actually convinced a member of the forums to buy 3-6 of them! *waits for royalty check in mail* so you're welcome :D haha
  16. [video=youtube;LCahjcPBsdA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCahjcPBsdA[/video] Not Mirage....This is eraser
  17. Ok guys, here's the thing. The trailer is BAD. I mean for theory11 this is kind of disgraceful. I went back and forth if I should buy this or not because of all this criticism both at here Theory11 forum and at Magic Cafe forum. But I'll bet that over 90% of those critics hasn't seen the DVD.

    It's very nice product to say at least. Alex Geiser is just so different. His style is unique and elegant. If Eric "The GodHands" Jones and Alex Pandrea says it's good, it's probably good.

    I just hope that Alex is going to release more of his coin work in the future.

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