Mirage Gimmick by JB Dumas and David Stone repair

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  1. Several month ago bought the Mirage Gimmick and was very satisfied with the effect. However the gimmick broke, during a performance a card got stuck between the front and back part (do not want to give away too much, but if you own the gimmick, you should know what I mean). Thereby spliting it. I tried to fix it with glue and double-sided tape. However now the gimmick is only semi-operational. Does anyone who ownes the gimmick can give me advice on repairing it?

    Regards Julian
  2. I think propdog. Co. Uk have quite a good series on their site about self repairing gimmicks, I don’t know if that will be any good, but it might be worth a look?
  3. Did you mean this?

    I think it is a good suggestion, but can not help me with my problem. It would be great if somebody who knows the gimmick could answer. And also explain which material causes the middle part of the gimmick to work so smoothly.
  4. First off, the gimmick has very tight tolerances so when you glue it back together you need to make sure that you are only gluing the very edges. Also the center bit can wear out as it is very glossy which it needs to be in order to work, and will become rough and dirty with use, which can make it stick. You should have gotten a bunch of replacements for it with the gimmick.
  5. I am aware of all the problems you mentioned. I measured the length of the middle part and only tried to put glue on the edges. After the repair I tested it with a fresh middle part. The first action of letting the Deck appear works smoothly, however disapperaing does not function well.
    I have to admit that I changed something of the gimmick. Because I felt the trick card was to thick (and having to repair the gimmick was a opportunity to make it thinner), I sanded down the lower part of the gimmick. Could this be part of the problem?
  6. Ok yeah its totally possible that you made the gimmick too rough to work properly by sanding it. I dont know if you can fix that.

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