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  1. Hey guys i've been doing magic for a little bit now mostly street magic, with this being said I feel it's time to almost reinvent my ways of misdirection, now I use methods of pointing out spectators or make jokes and simple stuff like that. I feel like i'm at a point where I want to step up my misdirection skills, a magician should feel confident with performing a card to mouth but i'm not always confident in it. I've never been caught with a double life or a Marlo tilt but then again I would like to be 100% confident in my misdirection. Does anybody have some references in where I could better my skills, i've been looking at such sources: Magic by Misdirection; Fitzkee trilogy, I realize Apollo Robins, Al Goshman and also Slydini also have great misdirection skills. I just wanted to know the best resource I know of a few books but I wanted some opinions before I made the final decision.

    - Brandon
  2. Tommy Wonder articulated a better name - DIRECTION - (Although he probably wasn't the first to stumble across it).
    It was the idea that instead of trying to force someone to look away from a secret move or action, we should direct someone's attention toward an object of interest.

    Also, I went to a convention at the weekend, and while someone was lecturing he talked about 'brutal misdirection' this is where for example, a move would be detected other than if people weren't looking. In performance purposes, you needed to change a card, so you tell them to look at the card in their hand, or show everyone the card in their hand - thus allowing you to perform the change undetected.

    Hope this helps,
  3. I love the two points Sam brings out in the above but truth of the matter is, the best way to learn it is to do it. Experiment on your own with different actions and work at mixing your techniques.

    I would suggest that you also consider what Kenton Knepper has to say in his "Mystery by Association" and "Secrets of Indirection" books. They aren't specifically directed towards the issue of misdirection but at the same time, have techniques outlined in them that will aid you when it comes to misdirection.

    Hope this helps
  4. Definitely check out the Fitzkee book its great. And as mentioned above, the Books of Wonder have great essays explaining new ideas on misdirection and routines utilizing those ideas.

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