Misdirection for the Two Card Monte

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  1. What misdirection do you when you switch the two cards? Thanks
  2. I point to the card in their hand and ask "Without looking, which card would you say is in your hand?" I do this while gesturing and turn the left part of my body towards them so they can't see me do the move.
  3. I once performed this surrounded 360. Everyone was real close watching. The way i do it is that i tell them, if i switched my card (say clubs) for their card (spade), now im holding the spade, without looking what else could you be holding? I dont do the double stabby thing.

    When i say "without looking" i break frame so i begin to direct my question not only to main spectator but everyone else too, i then finish the sentence while i do the move within the motion. This way i can see where everyones eyes are contacting, at most times when im performing this, people are almost always focused on the main spec as i ask the question. Only takes a split second to do the move.

    The 2CM is a powerful one that breaks minds.

    The key is not to perform this as if you're trying to hide something. Do it naturally. At times i do the top change right in front of them and they dont even see it as their minds are directed elsewhere.
  4. Great response. I completely agree with what he said. Be as natural as possible. Almost try to trick yourself that you're not doing anything funny.
  5. Not too long ago i set out to completely revamp my 2CM. What i came up with is a completely new patter about life and how in life there are decisions. I call their card "their decision" and my card "my decision." I then go into the same handling but using my patter i get them to the point of almost confused with my patter which is when I execute the change. Using verbal direction and not misdirection makes the effect more powerful from how I see it. I feel like spectators will always track back. If done well enough misdirection should not be where they track back to. If you use direction instead of misdirection they will pass right over the moment of direction as they back track.

    Hopefully that made some sense. Of course I would appreciate you not taking my patter, but I present it as a challenge to you all to make this powerful effect completely your own.
  6. I also agree with what has already been said. Being natural is key. Most of the time I don't even worry about my angles. I mean, I try and get hte spectators to my blinds side if I can, but even if I'm supposedly wide open, as long as I'm bold and direct their focus more on the card in the spectator's hand, it all works out well. It's such a fantasic trick.
  7. I completely understand. When you do something (like asking a question) they naturally think about why you are having them do something. If presented correctly, which is hard, this is foolproof.

    On the other hand, direction has them doing something with their hands, which acts as more of a distraction.

  8. So there you have it. Go out there and break some minds.
  9. Just because nobody has mentioned it yet: You dont have to necessarily use a Top Change doing 2CM. The other version involves a One Hand Turnover instead of a Top Change. I personally prefer this version because the misdirection for the Turnover comes more naturally to me because you can do it the moment you place the 2nd card in the spectators hands. Another plus is that you can clearly show them the Ace of whatever (or whatever cards your using) a 2nd time before you do the last change.
    Another reason is, I admit, that my top change isnt as smooth as i want it to be yet. :rolleyes:
    Anyway I think this alternative is worth considering if you feel uncomfortable with a top change or the misdirection for it.
  10. i do this....i tell the person to tell their friends outloud which card do they have in their hand....i point when i say "tell all of us which card do you have in your hand"....thats good enough for a slow switch....
  11. I'm a Kard Klub junkie. Great ideas in those videos (including some from jb!).
  12. I usually just point to their card and say, "Hold onto that card real tight."
  13. I agree. There's a lot to be learned from it. I've used it a lot in the past few months and have seen how extremely powerful it is.
  14. In honesty, i have no done a 2 Card Monte routine in a long time.
    However it is a trick that has served me well and is at the for front for good effects.

    When doing any switch at all there are some key things involved.
    (1) Eye contact... the audience looks where you look. Look at them and they give you their attention... heat is off your hands.
    (2) Practice so you dont jerk when doing a switch. Many times we move our hands naturally for several things and when it comes to that exact moment of switch we jerk for that split second.
    (3) Build something in your patter. Perhaps a moment where they answer you or have something to say, therefore the attention is forced on there soon to be statement.

    Play around with those.
    Feel free to ask me for more details on any if needed. Wish you the best with your magic.
  15. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Because I tend to perform with any cards I can get my hands on, it's often hard to pull off a smooth top change.

    Also, when attention is on your hands during the move, it's easy to get burnt. With a turnover, you can cleanly hand them the top card without any funny moves. It distances the move from the actual switch. I have never been caught performing a turnover. The top change has been less succesful.
  16. sorry new to all this, where can I learn the turnover in detail to perfect? I know the top change, but would like to see it done the other way so that I can see which way suites me the best.
  17. I use Oz Pearlmans version because it requires no misdirection at all :eek:
  18. But then again, you dont want the audience to be burning your hands the whole time ;).
  19. so can anyone help and suggest a good resource to learn from? As I said I know the top change....would like to see the other methods so that I can see which one is best for me.

    Or is this one of the items taught in CC2 - Ambitious Card?
  20. i move my body slightly to the right , covering the sight of the card in my hand with the deck , that's enough time for me to do the top change

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