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    Hey everyone!
    I know that know one hear likes Mismag. I myself have realized in the last few days how many tricks he stole from other magicians and named something else. Then I was very disappointed to see that he REVEALED the trick to the world. I am now never going to reveal another magic trick ever again. If any of you had seen my last stuff you know that I revealed a couple tricks and now I am truly sorry. After seeing how Mismag stole all that material I am very disappointed in him. I want your thought on Mismag. Also please let me know if watching Andyfieldmagic are worth while
  2. It's great that you have seen the error in your ways but please try to refrain from using offensive slurs.
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    Okay for starters this thread is uncalled for.

    Secondly, I have issues with your grammar. It's not Know when you are referring to the opposite of yes It's NO. Even a second grader knows that. Step up your game.

    I call for a moderator to shut this thread down, and do so quickly. This will only turn into a rampant hate/flame thread against someone who isn't even here to defend himself.

    I'll stop arm chair moding now. Sorry.
  4. I agree! Every single one of schwarzeneggermagic's threads has the grammar of a 1st grader. If he is in 1st grade, then I apologize. He has even been called out on this issue before, but has chosen to ignore the advice of many people on the forum to use better grammar and speak intelligently. Schwarzeneggermagic, do you speak like this in real life? Why is it that when people talk in forums or online they think it is okay to forget about the English language? If you used poor grammar or used misspellings at work or school, would you get taken seriously?
  5. That why I think you should be a Mod...

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