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  1. OK so here's the story... I literary just went to set up one of my favorite decks into chased order so I could use them for a trick. I take off the plastic sleeve off of the tuck case and realized the center design is about 2-3 cm. off to the right. Even the big "Bicycle" print on the top is off. The whole entire tuck case is off. I've handled probably about 100-150 decks of Bicycle playing cards (Probably not an inexpressive # compared to many other playing card collectors) but I've never came across a misprinted deck. I'm actually kind of excited too. Like jumping up and down like a little kid excited. So I thought of opening it up to see if the cards are misprinted too but I'm scared that it would loss value if I try to sell it one day. So I have some questions to anyone that read this and have experience with Bicycle.
    1-How rare is it for Bicycle to misprint?
    2-Is a misprint collectible or am I being too excited about this?
    3-If collectible the how much could I get for it?
    4-Should I open it to see if the cards are misprinted too or will that ruin it?
    5-Have you ever came across one yourself? If yes then what did you do with it?
    If anyone has answers that they would share that would be amazing! I'll make sure to comment back to thank anyone that has any answers or even has a story to share about their experience with a misprinted deck.
  2. Regarding playing cards Every brick of bikes I buy from Sams Club is slightly off center. I believe USPCC has 4 levels of quality, Q1 being the best and Q4 being “acceptable “.

    Regarding tuck cases - I never saw one. I would be pissed.
  3. Sorry to disappoint, but it's not a collector's item. Bicycles are printed in the tens of thousands, and even if it's only one half of one percent that are misprinted, that's still 50 decks for every 10,000 printed. They are not terribly uncommon.
  4. 1. What @ChristopherT said. Most decks are fine, but misprints happen. I have ~700 decks (maybe more, I lose track) in my collection, and I have 5 or 100 misprints. I got a Dan and Dave deck inside a Bicycle tuck, several misaligned Bikes, a folded card (one side printed, the corner folded over, and then the other side printed), and multiple other minor misprints.
    2. You might be too excited. It is cool to find, but that is about it.
    3. I have yet to see a misprint deck sell for any significant amount. There isn't much of a market for them.
    4. The tuck case is printed separate from your deck inside, so the chances of having a misprint deck AND a misprint tuck are miniscule. Your deck inside is no more likely to be defective than any other deck.
    5. Yep, see above. My misprints are just sitting in my collection, just as interesting pieces to look at.

    Check eBay to see if there are any misprints selling for any amount, but I suspect you will come up empty handed.

    Good luck!

    // L
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    Thank you for you comment. I thought I might have been too excited but it was my first so I guess I just got excited. Thanks for all that info I never really knew there were that many misprints. I'll probably just end up keeping it in my collection like you said you do. Thank you again for all the helpful info!
  6. wow I didn't know that they were that common... I thought it would be less common. But yeah thank you for the comment. And you didn't really cause me to be disappointed so you're fine there. I was just seeing if it common or not. Thanks again for the comment! When you use numbers like that it really expresses how non-rare misprints are.
  7. I knew that Standard Bikes (Rider Backs) had that misprint. But I thought it would be different with a different style or whatever. I have like a brick of the Autumns so I wasn't planning on using that particular deck. Well I was but I could easily replace it. So it's not that big of a deal. I'm just going to keep it in my interesting collecting. (yes I have a collection of random interesting stuff). Thank you again for the comment!
  8. If the misprint is enough for you to notice, but a layperson would not realize it, you can use the deck as a "one-way" back design for any number of card effects utilizing the principle.
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