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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jdstyle, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Hy to all;

    Ive ordered from T11 about 8 times , each time more than 200 bucks of merchandise.
    About 1 week ago , i placed an order for 12 blue decks , 6 black decks and 6 red decks of db Split Spades.
    I recieved the package this morning and opened it ... There were the 12 decks of blues but only 5 black decks and 2 red decks !
    Can someone tell me what i should do about this ? Will they ship me the rest or will i need a refund of the 5 missing decks ?


    This is not a critisizem of T11 ; I still love them ;)
  2. Wow, that's really sucky..

    Submit a ticket, us mere posters cannot do anything, I'm afraid.
  3. Split Spades are a limited supply .. maybe you ordered the last ones ..
  4. ya but i paid for them ... i mean 250$ for the cards and 60 freaking $ for shipping lol
  5. Impossible. They're still on sale.

    Just submit a ticket and they'll help you. t11 has great customer service, so I hear.
  6. Yes they have great service. I once ordered 10 decks from here and i got an empty box. Turns out people from the customs took them. I talked to theory11 and we settled a deal.
  7. that sucks :p why did they take them? mabe someone at customs likes magic :D
  8. No. I live in a third world country. If they see something they like, they just take it.
  9. oh. that sucks. :(
  10. I know people that have had their imported Ferraris stolen. The impound the card for a month, telling you it is for legal purposes, and byebye $150,000 car.
  11. oh. that sucks even more. :(
  12. Hey jdstyle.

    Sorry about your shipment. We're glad you still love us though :)

    If you haven't already, submit a support ticket HERE. We do have great customer support and I guarantee that they'll fix the issue. Or at least, Bryant will whisper sweet nothings into the phone while he tells you that there's nothing we can do for you because we just don't want to bother shipping out the rest of your decks. We're going to keep them for ourselves. You can't have them. Just kidding. No, I'm not.


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