Mixed Martial arts vs Mixed Entertainment

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicalTrevor2977, May 9, 2012.

  1. I'm sorry but it's people like you that made me take a 1 year break from magic. You should think twice before making a video like that, this is why there are so many negative stereotypes about magicians.
  2. im sorry im a mixed entertainer not just a magician, and I can do whatever I want its a free country. You should think twice before speaking =)
  3. Your sybil cut section was pretty clean, but the overall video made me not want to ever watch it EVER again. Post what you want, but damn, it seemed like you degraded what we love to do as magicians.

    you say that, but i'm pretty sure the reason you put that video up here was for us to look at it. so dont expect us to tell you what you want to hear.
  4. To be honest, I would like you to stop doing both. Please don't make yourself seen in public next to a pack of cards, or anything magic-related; Magic and ape behavior don't go well together.
  5. I don't understand the relationship between this and Mixed Martial Arts.
  6. Go ahead and make fun of my videos its meant to be made fun of =) I will still love you and respect you anyways!

  7. mixed martial arts is many different styles of fighting and mixed entertainment is many different styles of performing arts!
  8. First of all, I respect the fact that you dare to be different. It's just that the different arts you used do not seem to complement each other that well, but then again, maybe that wasn't your intention. I'm sure you expected hostility from the community when you made this video. I liked the Sybil though.

  9. So then it's Vaudville?
  10. I wouldn't assume many people actually knew what vaudeville is/was.
  11. Too many magicians take themselves TOO seriously. Trevor...You are totally weird! And totally okay with how weird you are! That makes you AWESOME!
  12. Oh WOW somebody gets it! I love myself and am confident in my weirdness, craziness, or whatever you wanna call it!
    Thanks YOU SIR!
  13. the 360 spring was too epic for words... my mind was blown.
  14. Mixed? Arguably.

    Entertainment? No.

    What was it you were trying to accomplish with this? What was the point?
  15. The sybil was cool, the 5 ball juggling was cool too. The transposition isn't very clean. You definitly have a character and brand. Without being rude I'm not really a big fan, although you definitely can do some crazy things.
  16. thanks! i am going to be coming out with a series of mixed entertainment tutorial dvds to help promote mixed entertainment and to
    bring all performing arts together!
  17. In theory that sounds like a nice idea but maybe you should let a professional handle that.
  18. This does sound like a very good idea if you collaborate with others who perform the other arts.
  19. ...sooo this is vaudeville right?

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