Modern Intracacies

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  1. Collective ace:
    this is a fantastic version of the collectors routine all i can say
    this routine uses two of the moves taught the grill change and the toast change both amazing changes its a visual discovery of two selections with a amazing kicker
    this is a amazing sandwich routine the first discovery is so visual a must know for any stand up magician
    minimal water:
    officaly my favourite version of oil and water its just so visual he credits dani daortiz and if youve seen his oil and water this blows it OUT OF THE WATER hahahahahaha get it no ok
    so thats all i watched so far so i will keep you updated
  2. Glad you're liking it!

    One quick correction though, the title is "Modern Intricacies" ;)
  3. sorry and yh loving it just looked at le clezio wave lengh
  4. I too love this one and really very happy to see its updated version and thanks for posting about this on. Specially for posting about the toaster information.

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