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  1. Take a look at the future of Magicians Workshop as it evolves into Modern Manipulator...

  2. Good moves and skills but I didnt like the video at all. Some parts were obviously sped up, editing is terrible(might also be footage), Footage is shot pretty badly, and like 10 other things I wont bother listing. It just isnt a video i enjoyed watching. From the looks of this video I honestly doubt that Modern Manipulator will go very far unless they really improve and become more professional.
  3. I liked it, but well... It feels weird saying this, but... I think it was a little too dramatic, mostly just the beginning though when your chucking stuff around your room. Also I agree with the above post, I think it would be better if you didn't speed up or slow down your moves, but instead just showed them naturally. Anyways video and I'm lookin forward to more.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. The video does present a raw style but that is what we went for. It's daring but we wouldn't change it if we could. But a fun fact for you, other than obvious reverse effects, the film was never sped up. THE TRUTH!

  5. I loved the skills and the technical aspect, but overall didn't like the video. The music and the "I hate living" was a bit, eh.
    Technical aspect, fantastic, style is a bit off.
  6. sweet, how do you get to be so fast? I always start dropping cards if I start going insanely fast...
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    Well in that case then the moves werent done smoothly at all. It looks like in this case speed was more important than smoothness. I would prefer a video like this any day over your video. Also, how did you close the B4 cut at 1:29 that fast? Even if its not sped up, it just doesnt look...natural. I guess some people might like this better, i dont know. But the fact that the actual footage and video was done terrible still remains
  8. Im not really a flourisher so I can't talk much about the cuts and stuff but I liked it. Although I didn't really 'get' the video. Was it supposed to mean something?
  9. We understand your outlook of our video and we appreciate your constructive criticism.

    Thanks again
  10. We??????? There is more of you guys???

  11. Ummmmm.....I think this advice was a little more harsh than constructive.

    Flourishes can be done two ways. They can be done with speed, or they can be done with smoothness. None of these ways are wrong at all. Some people like smoothness better than speed, but some people like speed better than smoothness. Cardistry is an art form therefore there is no correct way to do anything. It is all about being unique.

    I thought his video was great, because he created a dark and scary mood. I liked the fact that he chose a different path from everybody else. Instead of classical and smooth he chooses Dark and fast.

    Anyway, you did a good job with the acting but I have two warnings for you. The first one is to never drop your cards in a cardistry video. It may be natural but it is sloppy. It gives the viewer a bad mood about your flourishes. The second is being carefull, because the way you act in a flourishing video is how you will be protrayed. The intro was a bit too crazy. The slamming of the chair was uncalled for, but you get the picture.

    Looking forward to your new video......
  12. i already acknowledged that different people like different things, I just said in my opinion I prefer smoothness over speed. Sure it can be unique, but I can make a video where it spins around and changes colors and speeds up and slows down eradically. Thats unique, but will people enjoy watching it?
  13. Anyone know what's going on with Modern Manipulator? The site has been parked for a week and the forum is now called "Nebulae."
  14. "This video is private"
  15. We've just re-launched ModernManipulator ;)
    Let us know what you think!

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