Moisturize Your Hands

anyone who have this problem during play with card?
when we handle card sometimes cant smooth enough to do the sleight..
for example:
when i do the spin on UZUMAKI by DnD...
when my hand really dry i cant even spin the card...

anyone have the same problem?or anyone have the solutions for this issue..??

May 19, 2010
I have the same problem. During the winter I have to take a break a from coin magic because my hands are so dry.
As a solution I guess you could try using moisturizers. For me it is really helps if I keep my hands warm.
Hope this helps.
Oct 31, 2010
inedhowetrust is in beijing and i am from singapore u think we can get sortkwik here in asia? like u guys in usa?
Mar 16, 2010
I noticed that hands get dry while using old decks. Everytime i take out an old deck and handle it for a few minutes my hands become dry as hell.
Oct 12, 2009
Navarre, Florida
Jden-The idea with moisturizing your hands is you just do it on a regular basis and it softens the skin on your hands over time. You aren't supposed to just lotion up right before handling the cards or anything.
Sep 23, 2009
My hands are so powdery dry that I find it hard to manipulate cards without some assistance. What works for me is Ulatra Mide 25. It's billed as Intensive Moisturizing Lotion for Extra Dry, Cracked or Calloused Skin. I wash my hands and pat them so that they're nearly dry. Then I apply just a little bit. If it starts to tack up withing the first 10-20 seconds of applying it you know you're doing it right.

I also use Skinner's Edge Card Creme which gives me further help when I want to do second deals or pinky pull-outs. It comes in the same kind of small disc-like container that SortKwik does but it's not the same thing. You only need a little bit. It dries up quick and doesn't leave any residue on the cards. You can get it here:
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