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  1. Hey guys, i was practicing Molecule 2 yesterday (im not much of a flourisher) and im having trouble with the TG deck flip .... when i flip the deck i got it to land perfectly but always 2 cards dont go other way.

    Any tips?

  2. It could be a number of things, such as card condition - I actually find a fairly old deck works best as the cards can be a bit more sticky, however it's not good if they're all bent , as this will cause air to get under the cards and they won't flip properly.

    Your hands could be sweaty or clammy, which can sometimes cause cards not to come off the fingers properly.

    Or you need more practice.

  3. There you go i just washed my hands, tried the cut and it worked yay ..... thanks man
  4. Addition :

    Don't know if you mean that, but many people's problem is that their first finger pushes the bottom card(s) too strong to the right when applying pressure.
  5. Lucas B. is right, but to elaborate on that slightly:

    Do not apply much pressure prior to the flip. It is a mistake many people make, and since you are aiming to flip the cards a mere 360°, too much pressure will cause the deck to want to spin extra revolutions - meaning cards will fly. As a result, just apply a small amount of pressure, to the point where it is barely even noticeable (there should not be a visible bend), and apply it only miliseconds before your flip (if you sit there holding pressure down seconds before the release, you will be adding much more than necessary).

    It also helps if the deck is fairly broken in - not necessarily old, but used enough to feel comfortable - for a new deck has the tendency to slip away. :)

    Fellow practitioner,
  6. dont apply alot of pressure and sort of move your hands a in a sort of jumpy movmemnt upwords and brand new cards right out of the box without bending and sprining and **** like that work great

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