Monarchs Ace Flourishe

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  1. hey guys andrei does a one card flourishe at 00:30 it looks really cool but im not entirley sure what it is im familer with the rest of the moves in a way but can anyone tell me the name of it or give me some advice?
  2. if you are talking about the video which the white monarchs all you need to do is apply a lot of pressure as you spread along the edge of the table if this isn't the flourish you're talking about please point me in the right direction and ill be glad to help

  3. not that where he swings around and displays the ace
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    maybe it would be released on his future projects .
  5. boy i hope so i really like it x.x
  6. Outjog top card put index finger on it. Spin it backwards using index tip as pivot point, when it's all the way back, bring index finger to thumb, so the card is clipped between them

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