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  1. Hi, new to the Forum and was wondering, I tried looking through to see if I could find my answer without posting but was unable too. I have 2 decks of monarchs and was wondering if there was a difference, one is labeled “blue” on the sticker, other is labeled “Navy” I cant find any differences on the tuck case, but wasn’t willing to open to see if there were any differences.
  2. Lyle we need you! Hahah. Steciakjs, if you scroll down a bit, there was recently a thread addressing this exact question. I don’t remember the differences, but the guide posted to it is pretty good. It is named Monarchs Collectors Guide, and lyles post has the most accurate difference between each deck.
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  3. The only time the color is specified on a sticker is if it is a retailer sticker (like a UPC sticker on decks at Target). That has no bearing on which deck it is (Navy and Blue are both used to identify the same deck).

    There are a few variations of the Monarchs, but this doesn't mark any of them. Without photos or other details, there is nothing to indicate that you have two different variations.

    To the rescue!

    // L
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  4. Thank you the help is appreciated. I picked them up from a second hand store some times you find some gems. Was hoping I struck gold but didn’t think so. Dtop thanks for that link they will definitely help in my journey to owning every version of Monarchs. I knew red had a V2.1, didn’t know about blue, I’ll have to do some research.
    Thanks again all
  5. There’s only two main “variations” of the Blue Monarchs. V1 which is known as an early 4 leaf Monarch with a smooth seal. The V2 has the updated 5 leaf design and the now standard tax stamp style seal.

    Beyond that, there have been small updates to the designs but nothing large enough to consider a new “version”. Small changes like the cellophane used, logo on the bottom, and side designs are the bigger changes.

    I have been tracking down every known Monarch for years and am only missing two decks that I know of. One is nearly impossible to find.

    Still looking for an early five leaf Monarch with the circle style logo on the bottom.

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  6. That is sick! My collection of monarchs span from whatever I can buy at target, so awesome job with that collection!
  7. Wow, that is awesome, only full collection I have is pretty much every deck Chris Ramsay has had his hands in, I’d like to have a full monarch collection, but some are hard to come by or just some I can’t afford. Where did you get the case from? That thing is massive.
  8. I have a feeling its the same one I and a few others are looking for, one that was made exclusive for a certain NY restaurant? Haha

    I feel like giving up on it but I can't
  9. Are you talking about this one? :D
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  10. You know I was :D

    I contacted the restaurant, they were very nice. Unfortunately, they had none left, though :(
  11. Nope - he has that deck in his photo.

    // L
  12. :eek: What an awesome collection!
    I hope you’re not talking of the Pre-release monarch’s:p
  13. The only decks I’ve ever really sought after are gold monarchs and summer mailchimps. But sadly they are above my card budget. Your collection is amazing though! Congrats on gold monarchs.

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