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    Yes, another one.

    Once again, I want to see two people compete with manipulation acts set to some great music. This time around, it's Money by Pink Floyd. Everybody knows that infectious bass groove and that wailing saxophone solo.

    What will you be using? I want to see a manipulation routine synced up to this song using any combination of the following objects:

    -Paper money
    -Cigarettes/cigars (real or fake novelty cigs, and by extension lighters are also acceptable props)

    Use only one or use all of them. It's your choice. The point here is to take one of the coolest songs ever written and produce a fully choreographed manipulation routine to match both the music and the lyrics.

    Keep the camera fixed if possible. This might restrict your movement somewhat, but it also makes it easier for us to watch. Select a backdrop/background that's not too distracting. A white wall is fine, but a brick wall would also be acceptable and has some character to it. Avoid crotch shots at all costs. We want to see you, not just your junk.

    Impress us, lads.
  2. I'm up for this if I can find some of those fake cigarettes. If not, this will probably be the most entertaining battle yet.
  3. good luck tally ho

    i cant wait to watch this battle
  4. This is going to be a fun one to watch, also is cardistry allowed with the addition of jewlrey? Got a really nice idea for the cardistry cuts and jewlrey...:D
  5. If this contains cardistry then I am TOTALLY in with this. ;)
  6. Objects are limited to coins, paper money, cigarettes/cigars, and jewelry. I want people to think of manipulation artistry in broader terms here than simply cards.

    EDIT: Small update. Since some people may want to use real cigarettes, then lighters can be used as manipulation props as well.
  7. Lemonbird, there is such a thing as editing posts. It means you don't have to post 3 times in a row, which you have been doing a lot. It is rather annoying. (to me, at least)
  8. It occurs to me that the kind of people who have to talent to pull off a challenge like this are in the minority. The rest of the people who use the battle system prefer not to leave their comfort zone of doing clipshift battles and pretending anyone gives a rat's ass about that.
  9. Hey, I think that I will make this video anyway, even without doing the battle. This is a great idea.
  10. Although I am not very focused on coin, money, cigarette, or "jewlrey" related magic, I think that these battles should be something that helps us grow. Therefore I would love to take it:)

    I am by nowhere near very good with coins, or anything of the above for that matter. But this is something I need to get my butt kicked to get me to practice it!


    If you two are already working the battle together, I would love to go against someone else. As a learning experience.


  11. Absolutely. Competitions like these should be a tool for self-improvement not a vehicle for ego validations.

    You guys take this challenge and rock it. You have my full support. You may not be experts at magic and manipulation with these particular objects, but the desire to experiment and improve will send a message to the right people.

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