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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for some advice

    I'm mainly a card magician but I want to learn magic that's more practical in real life to be taken more seriously so people don't just see me as the girl who can do card tricks. I can do some stuff with rubber bands (stairway, etc) and I know basic coin stuff but none of the coin magic I've seen is powerful enough for me I don't think. Can anyone help me out? If anyone has any suggestions on what genre of magic I should look into and where I can learn it, that'd be great.

  2. I think coin magic is pretty practical because people carry coins and they are easy to carry for yourself. I know several coins across routines and they get decent reactions. Copper silver in the hands of a participant does okay too. What coin magic resources do you have?

    If you have some books that are coin magic staples like BoBo's maybe try some stuff from some of todays contemporary coin magicians that put that book to good use and expand on it; Kianoa Harbottle, Kurtis Cam and Eric Jones have some pretty powerful stuff. Some of it is knuckle busting and some of it requires gaffs but there is plenty that doesn't so its easy for people to get started without putting lots of money into it.

    Garrett Thomas has some good all around magic routines with and great advice on magical thnking in general.

    For more impromptu style magic look at some of the releases from Gregory Wilson. For instance the video Coffee House Conjuring has some okay coffee house effects, nothing too mind bending but its the thinking thats important here I think.
  3. So you know you don't want to be seen as "The girl who can do card tricks" - what DO you want to be seen as?

    This is the first step to creating a character - decide what you want that character to be able to do.

    The power of a performance comes from the performer, not the tricks performed. I've seen Wayne Dobson have a full theater audience eating out of the palm of his hand with a single sponge ball transposition, which lasted over 7 minutes.

    I think we can all agree there's few things out there less serious than a sponge ball. But he made it thoroughly entertaining.
  4. Yeah, me too! I just never found coin routines that I think are powerful enough
    Nice, could you link me to any performance videos of these and the places to learn them? :)
    Being honest, I don't have coin magic books or anything really. I just kind of know the basics (palming, french drop, other stuff etc) from a while back, I can't remember the source
    I look into these, thanks!
    Okay, thank you!
    Ah sorry, guess I should have explained that in the thread. I love performing card magic, I think that will always be my number one area of magic. But I also want to be the person that takes random things when they're out and about and amazes people on the spot. That's what I want I just don't really know how to get there. Anything you recommend?
    This is all true, thank you!
  5. Bill Tarr's "Now You See It, Now You Don't" teaches sleight of hand with objects. It covers coins, balls, cards, cups and balls, sponge balls, even thimbles and cigarette and more. I think it's often overlooked by newer magicians because it's a little cheesy looking, but the techniques are solid.

    But you need to know what kind of character you want to portray. When I hear, "I want to be able to amaze people wherever I am" I don't think of sleight of hand like Rocco. I think of the material I tend to do - suggestion, hypnosis, readings, and "body magic". I don't carry props with me because I can perform with little more than words.

    The character you portray will determine the material you should be focusing on.

    Otherwise, watch performances and product trailers, with as many different performers as you can find. Try to figure out what appeals to you, and pick up some of that material. As you practice and/or perform it, try to work your own personality into the scripting and presentation - over time you'll learn more and more about what you really enjoy doing (Sometimes our first ideas are way off) and how you enjoy presenting it. When you are enjoying what you do, people respond more strongly. When you put your own passions and interests into it, people will also respond more strongly. They recognize your enjoyment and that makes it more powerful and enjoyable for them to experience.
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  6. Bobo's is an essential to gain the fundamental knowledge in coin magic.
    Know what? If you can do the French drop pretty well, you might as well check our Dai Vernon's 'Spellbound' (psst...check out Jay Sankey!).

    If you could gather some mind reading and mental magic, I think that would be pretty practical and powerful too!
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