Morgan Dollars Replica

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Cardmagic12345, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. I have about 8 originals, and I love them. Fairly soft and easy to handle. I love the size of them as well.

    If you are getting into coin magic, I would buy 4-5.

    Try them out,

  2. The sound and feel that you get from a good silver coin is worth the extra bit of money that you have to pay. You get a beautiful ring with they chink together.

    I recently got a set from Schoolcraft and they are beautiful.
    I can't wait to get my soft set from Lassen now also. I'll pop up a review when I have seen Lassen's and let you know what I think is better.
  3. damn this is rlly bad
    i bought 8 of them
    but than the shipping came out to 72 bucks!
    so i dont know, i havnt paid yet, but it said that im commited to buy
    i could get real ones for that price, and i reallllly dont wanna pay that at all

    i know i severely screwed up, but is there anything i can do?
  4. Not really,
    once you buy on eBay you are committed to the sale.
    You should contact the seller tho if the shipping was not told before the sale tho and see if there is either a cheaper method or whether they will reverse the sale.

    ALWAYS be careful on eBay and ask questions before you hit Buy Now or put in a bid.
    If you ask before hand and they change their terms then you have a leg to stand on, if you just buy then ask, you really don't have that much that you can do other than pay and learn from it.
  5. oyy crap
    was worried about that
  6. Ask the seller to combine shipping costs. I'm positive it doesn't cost $7 to ship each coin.
  7. yea i did, but i got a reply in Japanese...
    hey, if he overprices shipping, can i like, dispute it or something ?
    so i dont needa pay it?
  8. No. After you placed your bid on the main page, you were taken to a separate page that outlined the price of the items, the shipping costs and the total. It then told you (in bold letters) that "By clicking on the button below, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder." and that "You are agreeing to a contract -- You will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. You are responsible for reading the full item listing, including the seller's instructions and accepted payment methods. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item."

    And then you clicked the "Confirm Bid" button.

    Or you could always just not pay and receive a negative feedback score. But he might complain to eBay and they might delete your account.
  9. hey guys
    thanks for all the extra info
    he fixed the problem and gave me a very nice price
    so its all good
  10. glad to hear that worked out for you :)
  11. See i use the real thing.

    I found a bag of them under a dumpster 10 morgans 10 walking libertys.

    put posters up, no one callled. So i kept them.

    best coins i have ever handled. Beautiful, Not to heavy but heavy enough, Great sound, great handling and just perfect for performing with.

    That was my lucky day.


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