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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Steve, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. I hung out with Morgan Strebler a few months ago at his house in Vegas. He showed everyone his new trick he had been working on. He takes an empty beer bottle and slowly starts to bend it, right in front of the person. The illusion is so good, it looks like the glass is bending. Then the bottle just shatters. This was the only thing his friends were talking about all night!
  2. ??? impressive!

    a) can it be done improm2?
    b) is it done with a glass bottle?
    c) was he wearing long, or short sleeves?


    PS: i'm looking forward to the release....if he does :D
  3. The sleeves don't matter, and it is really a glass bottle. Its examinable at the end (if you decide not to make the glass shatter). It can be done just as a glass bottle bend, but i forgot to say that making the bottle shatter was something different that he did, with a different (ungimicked) bottle
  4. I heard that it was a Wine bottle.
  5. If it is coming from Morgan, than I know it is going to be something I will use in a routine.

    I'm looking forward to it.

  6. sounds pretty cool for sure *gears in head turning*

    Now he just needs to take something already bent and straighten it out (if he hasn't done that effect already)
  7. Ted Lesley has a glass bending effect in Paramiracles.

    The wine glasses visibly bend while the mentalist is 10 feet away.

    Wine glasses also bend in the spectator's hands.

    Amazing stuff.
  8. Sounds amazing, Morgan is amazing at bending effects =p. Hopefully this will be released or a video will be shown at least. Sounds, intriguing.

    -Happy Holidays,
  9. In my opinion He is the second greatest PK magician (the best being Banachek)
    Ever. I also heard he has an AMAZING coin thorugh table. He takes the signed coin, Spins it then slams it right through the table. if you were under the table you could een see it falling. Morgan is Amazing
  10. Yea, Morgan has definitely got some killer plans for future products. I'd be surprised if he ever gives up his work on the coin thru the table trick. Time will tell, I suppose.
  11. I was IMing with Mr. Strebler a while back, and he told me he was releasing a PK Touches DVD. But that was A WHILE back, so I doubt he went on with it.

    Anthony Bass
  12. WOW! He's got some killer crazy effects!:D

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