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    hey guys wats up im sure u guys have seen cartier - david jade and i bet u guys loved it i did but there is tht angle problem n well many ppl figure it out (sad) so i wanted to make the change happen right in front of the spectators face ( alllllll angle proof)

    1 selected card

    1 random card

    1 visual change

    this is MOrph

    ps: yea il be posting a tutorial if ppl like it so plz do ask ^^

    RatE , comment , ask questions ( critisizm welcome)
  2. says the vid isnt available from a malformed ID
  3. got it working :|v ehehe
  4. That was great.

    And BTW , chose your people well if you are planning to reveal it , don't reveal it on youtube ;) ...
  5. yea i will :D

  6. How do you know its original
  7. 1. Please, for the love of God, spell things properly. "Ur" is not a word, it just shows "u" can't put in the effort to make the video a tad bit less *face palm*. It really does sound ridiculous when you type like that.

    2. It is far from the most "visual color change ever" :rolleyes:

    3. The change looks nice, but it does seem forced. The way you hold the deck and push the card in doesn't seem so smooth, or natural. You're going out of your way to hold a deck in a weird position - why? (Rhetorical)

    4. The "Pop out" seems a tad overdone, especially if the card isn't the one they selected. I just think with a little more work, the pop out could almost become an effect in itself ;)

    5. Good job on thinking of a creative method on your own, it's just not something I can see many people using.



  8. wow now this is what i needed , u are right i will start putting a little more effort into my text , and yea i noticed it to its not smooth i will work on that , lol at the pop out being a seperate effect i actually used to do it and then i stumbled on this , thanks for all what u have said mate . i like it , i know its going to help me improve

  9. well 1 thing is for sure the method is genuine , and yea another person showed me a similar ending but i am glad they are 2 different tricks :D
  10. No problem, everyone needs help, but not everyone accepts it.

    Keep practicing;

  11. Paul Harris
    Art of Astonishment Series
    Tunnel Transformation
    Page 93

    Probably what you are looking for
    Now go read. :D

  12. lol atleast they are 2 diff methods :D
  13. I liked it. I just have a few critisisms...

    1: When doing a video, don't worry if it takes more than one take: Keep working till you get THE PERFECT shot.

    2: Don't reveal this on Youtube, please. If you do, make it a private video and choose the people wisely.

    3: I like the color change a lot, and could see myself using it, but I think that the movements could be smoothed out a tad.

    4: Please spell things right, especially if you are advertising! You don't see T11 saying, "we is the unduground magik and card epcenta."

    5: Work on the demo NOT saying What If so many times. I liked it, but that led to tad of redundancy, especially when nothing happened afterwards until the end.

    Overall, I really like it and wish you the best with it! I think it is awesome that you are being creative. Just keep working on it!

  14. thanks man , really appreciate all what u have said.. well i had no time n i did not plan it .. next time it wil be better done :D
  15. Nice trick, I for one would be interested in learning it. However as someone has already stated, for the love of God please don't reveal it on Youtube!
  16. sweet man , wen the tut is up il post it as a private vid .. thanks man
  17. IQ's new trick reminds me a lot of this...
  18. im waiting for tut :)

    send me a massage if you can when you upload :)
  19. Pay more attention in English class please.

    iff u trn in English paperz dat luk like dis, id hav to punch u in da fayce.
  20. The change itself is nice, but I have one question:

    • Main Entry: 1vi·su·al
    • Pronunciation: \ˈvi-zhə-wəl, -zhəl; ˈvizh-wəl\
    • Function: adjective
    • Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin visualis, from Latin visus sight, from vidēre to see
    • Date: 15th century
    1 : of, relating to, or used in vision <visual organs>
    2 : attained or maintained by sight <visual impressions>
    3 : visible <visual objects>
    4 : producing mental images : vivid
    5 : done or executed by sight only <visual navigation>
    6 : of, relating to, or employing visual aids

    At any one point, a maximum of about 20% of the card can be seen.

    So I ask, how on earth is that visual??

    Answer: It's not.

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