Most Dangerous Cut

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  1. Most eye cracking cut u can do.

    Mine: Lethal + Twisted rain (modified).
  2. Genocide + Toxic Extermination (modified) + Babykiller
  3. i dunno maybe a combination between madonna and mayhem
  4. Mine would have to be the swing cut
  5. Are those actual cuts :p :confused: ?

    Anyways I'm not a wiz at cardistry so don't expect much but my best would have to be a Sybil...but when I get it down mine will be my own cut to a WTHHTSybil 2 (or 1 never remembered the difference) to my own sybil display (realized that saying "my own cut" doesn't give you any idea of what I do but a sybil...oh well).

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    My most dangerous cuts would be the Cotton Candy-sybil and [Removed due to offensive language]
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    WTF?!:confused: lol:D
  8. charlier cut...oh yeah
  9. Mine would be the pressure fan cut, it always gets good reactions, plus another cut/display that I can't even mention on here....

    (Also here are a bunch of other dangerous cuts )
  10. The pressure fan cut is so hard it's ridiculous. Im sure it's my most dangerous cut too darian.;)
  11. This pressure fan cut.... Yeah i know it:(
  12. Dude! you guys! Rule number one of the pressure fan cut, you do not talk about the pressure fan cut!
  13. is the pressure fan cut a real cut i have never heard of it?
  14. It's a kinda underground cut ninja, so not many people have heard of it.
  15. I guess you could take someone's eye out with a HotShot cut so that would have to be my most dangerous.
  16. Most dangerous:

    Infanticide cut + NIPlaster Slap(modified), in one hand and K.Nife blister + Suicide in a Bottle in the other.

    Best looking:

    Lethal smack down.

  17. This is true!! :eek: Noone say anything about it anymore.
  18. I'm not sure if "gay" can be considered an offensive word since it's an official word, as for "fag", that's British for cigarette. Homosexual cigarettes for everyone!

    No, The Homosexual Cigarette cut and Cotton Candy-Sybil do not exist, I was just continuing from Trashy's example, of naming cuts totally ridiculous things to make them sound cooler than they are.

    I don't find any cuts to be dangerous, except for high-degree paper cuts.
  19. What about stamp cuts?
  20. Well I'd use that language on the fourms, but I didn't want to offend you Jonas....

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