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  1. What would you guys consider the most difficult flourish, at least for you? My picks are bowtie, bubblewrap, and complicatrix (my flourish)
  2. 'Vad Fan' is notoriously tough
  3. Where can I find it?
  4. 2015 cardistry con tutorial bundle
  5. I've been trying to learn the Jackson Five sequence for a long time. Still can't get it to look very nice. But that's not the hardest I've learned.

    The Anti-Faro is incredibly difficult to get right. I'd say out of 10 times, I could only get it right twice. I'm sure a lot of people can do it, but I cannot do it consistently.
  6. I would say the riffle fan. I know it's not the hardest move ever but it's been giving me alot a trouble to get it to look really good.
  7. Oh yeah, the one-handed faro/shuffle is pretty difficult.
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  8. I took a look at both of those moves on youtube and, you weren't kidding! The anti-faro looks pretty difficult, and the jackson five looks quite difficult! Thanks for leading me to those moves, I'm always looking for a challenge.
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  9. Bonus: Vertigo + Hacky Sack. You can find it on Dan and Dave's 'The Trilogy'. I only started learning it a while ago and I cannot get it right with a normal deck of cards, I can only get it right occasionally with a trainer deck. If you're looking for a real challenge, and a never-ending game of 52-card pickup, do learn this move.
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