Most famous person you have performed for

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  1. Sorry about no game-night this week, but I've had the question pop in my head.

    Who is the most famous person YOU personally have performed for? Or do you know someone who has.

    Personally, No one I can think of. Unless you count my appearance on Etika world Network.
    I know some who have been on AGT so they have obviously performed for Hiedi mel, howie, and Simon.
    Other than that that's it for me...

    How about you guys?
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  2. I've got a couple "could haves".... but I froze solid... lol
    I heard there is no such thing as luck.. it's "Preparation meeting Opportunity"...

    Shit the bed both times ....
  3. Never performed for anyone famous unfortunately.
    I have met quite a few semi-famous people tho, just didn't perform for them. Didn't really feel the need to.

    And there was that one girl that legitimately asked me if I've met Houdini and I told her I had.
  4. Was it P&T?

    I've got to visit where you perform one day...
  5. It was just Teller... Penn was a bit of a tool..

    And Piff the Magic Dragon.
  6. I can Imagine.

    Really? I don't think I've ever heard that story.
  7. It's just at work. There's an inside joke among my friends that all the weird/not so smart people come in during my shifts.
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  8. Piff was super cool, he even let my wife hold Mr. Piffles. I handed him my deck of cards. He said "What have you got?" Or something to that effect.. I told him an unopened deck of cards. He said "That's all?" I said sure and he signed the deck and took a picture.
    It wasn't until the drive home I realized what he meant. lol
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  9. Glad I know what that means now.
  10. It sounds better with his accent lol

    I'm meeting Shawn Farquhar later this month for a lecture. I've been practicing like crazy, hoping to get another shot lol
  11. Good luck!
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  12. Dana Snyder of Adult Swim
    Frieda Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire
    Jack Black of Tenacious D
    A hand full of magicians but they are not famous famous... just famous within the community haha
  13. When my son was ten he performed a mind-reading trick for Teller. Teller was very complimentary, my son was over the moon.
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  14. Wow. That is a wonderful story!!
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  15. Your 10 year old son has more courage than me!!
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  16. I performed for Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia once. But it was really quick in passing so I can’t really count it haha
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  17. Ivana Trump

    It was at Mar A Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida in 1998. It was at a yearly charity event she put on for the American
    Heart Association. The resort was, of course, owned by her then-husband, whom you have probably heard of, LOL. (He wasn't at the event). She had on a bright red evening dress and I plucked glowing red from her dress several times using the D'Lite.
  18. Really?!
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  19. I have performed for a handful of senators groom around the USA. One texted a picture of me to David Copperfield, that was cool. I have performed for past contestants on American Idol and a few others. I've met a few famous people but I only perform if I'm asked to, I rarely initiate it.
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  20. Yeah. Being super-careful, of course, as to from where on the dress I pulled the light!
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